2024 Hidden Valley High
JV Volleyball Team

"Everyone overestimates what can be accomplished in a day,
and they underestimate what can be done in months of work, sweat & bonding when nobody is watching."
Eric Spoelstra, head coach of the Miami Heat.

Team Announcements


The more you sacrifice for your team, the more glory the team will give back to you."

You may say, "I don't need my team's glory." I know. None of us do. But when a teammate is asked about you, what will she say? Will she say, "That girl is AWESOME! I LOVE her and I want her on my team!" If she says that, then that's your glory!!!
When your coach is asked about you, what will the coach say? Will she/he say, "That girl puts her team ahead of herself. She's encouraging, dedicated, patient & hard working. I want a dozen other athletes on my team just like her."
That is your glory!

And the flip side:

The more we put ourselves ahead of the team, the less glory our team will give to us:
college recommendation letters, nominations for awards, job recommendations, on and on and on,


Team First.
Always Team First!

If you have a hard decision to make, and you base your decision on "What's in the best interests of my team," then you will always be able to defend that decision! And you'll be able to sleep at night knowing you did the right thing. Don't even try to please 1 or 2 people! But always try to do what's in the best interests of your team...whether that team is your family, your church, your classroom, or on the court/field. Great teammates base EVERY decision on how it will affect the team!

Open Gyms in June!
Every Tuesday
9:45am to noon


Team Camp!
July 26 27, 28 at Univ of North Carolina
Coach Ellis is hoping for TWO JV teams!


Practices Before School Begins!

I don't know yet if we'll have one per day, or two per day. I'll let you know as soon as I know!


It all starts!
Go ahead and get everything in order: your physical, vacations done, etc.


Labor Day Monday!
Plan on practice approximately 6-8pm


Why ships sink

"Ships don't sink b/c of the water around them.
Ships sinks b/c of the water that gets inside them."
Buzz Williams,
men's basketball coach,
Texas A&M University




......we don't know how many yet.....
Head coach: Tom Houser
Assistant coach: To be announced

Our 2024 Match Schedule!!

Scrimmage Aug 13, Lynchburg Christian Academy, away 5pm
Scrimmage Aug 22, Lord Botetourt, away, 5:30
Thurs Aug 29 Jefferson Forest away
Tues Sept 3 William Byrd away
Thurs Sept 4 Jefferson Forest home
Tues Sept 10 Christiansburg home
Thurs Sept 12 William Byrd home
Mon Sept 16 Northside away
Tues Sept 17 Pulaski home
Thur Sept 19 Salem home
Tues Sept 24 Patrick Henry away
Thurs Sept 26 Blacksburg home
Tues Oct 1 Cave Spring away
Thurs Oct 3 Christianburg away
Mon Oct 7 Northside home
Thurs Oct 10 Pulaski away
Tues Oct 15 Salem away
Thurs Oct 17 Patrick Henry home
SATURDAY OCT 19 Tournament at Cave Spring
Tues Oct 22 Blackburg away
Thurs Oct 24 Cave Spring home (senior night)
Varsity District Tournament Oct 28 & 30
Varsity Regional Tournament Nov 2 & 5
Varsity State Tournament Nov 7, 12 & 16