Volleyball Instruction Pre-Season
Saturday July 29 and Sunday July 30, 2017

Tom Houser & a college coach (maybe Coach Johnathan Willis) are offering six 90-minute scrimmage sessions at North Cross School. 
Coach Houser is the owner of STAR and Expectations Volleyball Camps.  He will be taking all reservations, answering emails and texts, etc.

The Sessions!

Girls will be grouped according to experience in the following manner:
* Platinum:  At least 6 seasons of school & club vball.
* Gold:  At least 4 seasons.   
* Silver:  At least 2 seasons.
There may be a few exceptions, but we will do our  best to group the girls with those of similar experience/ability. 

The Schedule!

Saturday July 29: We will have 3 sessions.
* Platinum: 12:30 to 2pm.   Gold: 2pm to 3:30pm.   Silver:  3:30pm to 5pm.

Sunday July 30: We will have 3 sessions.
* Platinum: 130pm to 3pm.   Gold: 3pm to 4:30pm.   Silver:  430pm to 6pm  

We are planning on limiting each session to 13 girls:  Four OH's, four rights/setters, five MB's and liberos.

Each session will go through this process:   warm-ups, stretching, peppering, serving & hitting.  Then Coach Willis will create two teams, and the rest of time will be scrimmaging!!! 

Here's How You Reserve Sessions For Your Daugther!

* Parents can reserve hour(s) by emailing or texting Coach Houser.
* Parents may reserve more than one session for their daughters. 
* When contacting Coach Houser, indicate the girl's preferred position(s) and # of seasons of experience.  
* You will get an answer about the availability of what you've requested. 

I will answer your email asap! I will try to answer within 24 hours.
If I don't know you from previous lessons/camps/etc., please don't be offended if I ask you for a little more info.  I just want to ensure that the girls are grouped properly so that all 13 have a challenging experience. 

* An athlete's reservations will be guaranteed by advance payment of $45 for one session, and $40 for each session thereafter.
* Parents can use PayPal. The paypal account to use is CoachHouser@yahoo.com
* Parents can also send Coach Houser a check in the mail (6023 Marsh Wren Lane, Roanoke, 24018).  

I hope you guys have a great summer!
Please let us know if there's anything we can ever do for you!!

Coach Houser