#21  Eva Delaney

School: Hidden Valley Middle
Birthday:  12/21/90
Class 2009
Height:  5'6"
Position:  S
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  3
Other sports: School softball & travel softball
Animal:  Manitee.
Way to Waste Time: Online/IM
Clothing Store: American Eagle
Place To Vacation:  The beach/Topsail Island NC
Restaurant:  Macados; TV Show:  Gilmore Girls
Type of Food: Italian.

Everyone needs a hug from their momma!

Eva works on her serve.  She has a very good floater!  Watch out opponents!

"I'm tired of doing lunges.  This drill is OURS!!"

Eva shows off her still platform.

As we warmup before the 14's scrimmage, we do a drill where it's hand digs only.

Eva's looks sharp at the January Fashion Show

Here's Eva with Jessica at RVC West on Feb 19th


Eva serves during our tournament at Hollins.
Nice extension!
Some Northside & HV boys came to visit us during the Hollins Tournament........I wonder why?

When we're receiving the ball, Eva must get to target quickly!

We have five certified refs on our team.  Eva and the other girls take turns....and they're good!

Eva gets her hair done before the semi's at Asheville

During a break at Shamrock, we went out and did some shopping!

Eva & Jessica are hard to pry apart!  Here they are during our 1st day of Shamrock.

"Austin.........I just ate WHAT?.........Escargot is WHAT?"

I'm not eating anything tonight unless I know what it IS!!!

Eva, Millie & Jessica on their way into Green Run High........ our final playing site of the year. 

At the EndOfSeason Get Together, one person said, "When we saw it was Eva's turn to serve, we all went 'shew!' ". Yep, Eva was named "Top Server" on the team.

Here's Eva taking a break during our scrimmage vs. the 16 Blue team. "Isn't scrimmaging FUN?"

Eva was the starting pitcher for the Hidden Valley JV sball team.  This is Eva pitching vs. Salem!

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