Virginia Beach Invitational Tournament!!
May 7 - 8, 2005

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To see Coach Houser's tournament diary, touch

The Following Pictures Are All From The First Day:  Tallwood High (no lights for 45 mins!!!)
and Townsend Middle School.

When the lights finally came on.........Bethann serves to Piedmont East

Gina, Erika & Eva await the opponent's serve

Millie passes a ball at Tallwood High School.

During a timeout, linesperson Stephanie takes a few seconds to play around.
Eva displays her brutal jump serve! While we work the final match on the net, Sam listens to her music..... .........while Lindsey listens to her music!

We beat Low Country (Myrtle Beach) 25-22, 25-17
Then we beat Piedmont East (Martinsville) 25-15, 25-16
Then we beat NVVA Loudoun 25-9, 25-12
And our final match in our first pool, we beat Club Cary 25-18, 25-14.

We beat Blue Ridge,  25-23, 13-25, 15-13.
Then we lost to the Tidewater 14's, 15-25, 12-25.  Wow they're good
On Sunday morning we beat RCV 15Z, 28-26, 25-11. 

We beat Delaware Juniors 25-8, 25-12
We lost to Low Country 25-23, 22-25, 11-15

Final record at Virginia Beach:  15-5
Final record for the season:   95-52

The Rest Of The Pictures Are All From Day 2, Townsend Middle School and Our Final Two Matches of the Season At Green Run High

Here we are working on Sunday morning.
Kristen, what WAS in that box?

We barely made it by RVC 15Z in the first game 28-26, but we didn't have any problem with them in the 2nd game, 25-11!!

Lindsey covers the tip behind Eva.  We won't forget that match point tip vs. Blue Ridge!  HOLY COW!! Who needs bleachers?  At Green Run High School, Millie's dad and Erika's dad cheered us onto the final FOUR! Kristen had her best tournament at Va Beach.  We'll never forget some of the incredible digs she made at Green Run High vs. Low Country!

Erika loves her team so much!
She cried and hugged all her teammates after it was all over.

Here's our final court.  We played great against both Delaware and Low Country, but those kids from South Carolina were just a little too good for us. 

Pay attention!  haha

 In the first round of playoff, we played possessed, beating this Delaware team 25-8, 25-11.  We were serving rockets, hitting everything and passing GREAT!!! "We can't believe that you guys cheered for us!
You Tidewater 14's are awesome!  Now go out and beat those Low Country girls!!"

With many of the players crying, there was time for a few more pictures.  Here's one that pretty much sums up our season. "Mr. Chubby" Our final pose for 2005.  We're ready to go home......even though a few of us stayed for an extra night!! 
95 wins is more than we ever expected!!  
GREAT SEASON!!!   One more thing to do......the End Of The Season Get Together!


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