#10 Gina Burgess

School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: 6/17/90
Class 2008
Height:  5'10"
Position:  MB
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Animal:  Cat
Band: Simple Plan
Way to Waste Time: Talk to Kendall Patterson online
Clothing Store: Goody's
Place To Vacation:  Cape Hatteras
TV Show:  Degrass
Type of Food: Chinese
Word:  Breeze

Even though she's injured, Gina still comes to practice to support the team!! 

Gina's grandparents came to our tournament at RVC West on Feb 19th

Gina is ready to get back to work after a water break!


Gina listens to announcements prior to practice.


While at the Monument Festival, we had to eat whenever we could!   Here Gina is getting a quick snack!

Gina takes a nap before our playoff match vs. RVC 15N.  Who's that behind her? Touch here to find out

Gina warms up before our match vs. HOV Red at Timberlake!

We're the champions at Timberlake!!!
ALL RIGHT!! Must have been the blue jerseys!

Another nap at Hollins University.
We went 7-1 in the 16's division.

Gina hustles to double block vs. NRV 16's at the Hollins tournament.

When we made the final 4 in Asheville, Gina's hitting was a major factor!!

We had to wait a few hours at Asheville for our first playoff game.  But then we dispatched of Cary YMCA Spikeforce.

At Shamrock, we took some time off to go shopping!  And the players all bought boxers.

"Or do you like these?  or these?  how about these?  This is hard!"

What a great teammate!
Gina's always willing to help anyone with anything!

Gina!!!  What are you doing with Erika's balloon?  STOP, that's really NOT grape flavored!!

At the End Of The Season banquet, Gina tries to hide from the camera.  Gina was given the "Covers Better Than Taylor" award.

"Coach Houser, you've stolen enough of my food!"

Gina busts out laughing at Bethann's birthday party.  Many of met at Manakin Grill and had a great time!!

After we beat RVC 15N at the state championships, everyone was jumping around smiling! 

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