#2 Stephanie Crawford

School:  Cave Spring High
Birthday:  9/25/90
Class 2008
Height:  5'2"
Position:  DS
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  2

Other sports: School swimming, dance
Animal:  puppy
Band:  Guster
Way to Waste Time: TV
Clothing Store:  American Eagle
Place To Vacation:  Bethany Beach
Restaurant:  Frank's
TV Show:  CSI
Type of Food:  Italian
Word:  Fork

Stephanie is always smiling, singing & laughing! What a wonderful person to have on our team!


Stephanie is focusing on the snack. 
Not much else is going on when there's food around! 

Stephanie warms up before the the scrimmage with the 14's on Jan 13th.

Stephanie shows us where we just ate!
Wow, Copper Grill was nice........and really expensive!  Is your mouth open in every picture I take? 

Stephanie keeps a low platform and has quick footwork!!

Stephanie takes a break at RVC West!

Stephanie opens up......."Play, Play!"

Stephanie & Erika being silly.
What else is new?   haha.

Sam and Stephanie cheese at the Deli on the first day of "Atlanta In Roanoke".  Then we all went out to see "Guess Who?"

Stephanie (#2) celebrates with her teammates after our playoff win over Cary Y Spikeforce at Asheville!  We're in the FINAL FOUR!!

The Faces Of Stephanie Crawford.

Stephanie serves at Hollins vs.
Rockbridge.  Great job girls!!  Winning a 16's tournament is a real treat!

While some her teammates are keeping score at PH, Stephanie hangs out behind them.  Hey, what are you sitting on?!?!?!

Stephanie acts silly in Asheville while we're waiting for our pasta!!

We finished 3rd at the  State Championships!!   I'm sure it was partly because of the outstanding food that he parents brought......and we dug in!!

During scrimmages, there's not much for half the team to do......but take pictures!!

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