Do You Want To Reserve A Private Lesson For Your Daughter? 
It's really easy!

(Updated December 11, 2017)

Here is how to reserve a one-on-one lessson for your daughter. It's easy!
a) Look at
b) Find where it says "open," and select a time that works for you.
c) You can choose 1 hour, consecutive hours, or a number of hours on multiple days.
d) Then email me at and tell me what you want. I'll send you a confirmation email. That's it.

What Make My Staff And Me Unique:
Your family will enjoy how my staff and I will:

a) see issues with the athlete's skills, and;
b) will describe those issues to the athlete & parent, and;
c) then show the athlete how to fix the issues.

Fixing issues is what makes my staff and I unique. While you daughter could do hundreds of reps trying to duplicate what the Olympic athletes are doing (which 99.9% of us will never accomplish), my staff and I fix vball issues by teaching what almost all teen vball players CAN execute. Our methods take less time, fewer reps, and the results will be useful for athletes indefinitely!

And an athlete can feel confident that, for the rest of her volleyball career, she will never have to change how she executes her skills. Doesn't that sound good?

We think that the parents will leave the gym with a happy volleyball player!!
Most sessions are being held at Penn Forest Wesleyan Church. It's address is 3735 Chaparral Drive, Roanoke, Va 24018.
Sometimes sessions are held at the Carter Athletic Center. It's address is 4254 Colonial Avenue, Roanoke, 24018.
Sometimes sessions are held at North Main Baptist Church in Danville, Va. It's address is 2818 North Main Street, Danville, 24540.
If you're not sure, please look at the website where your name is listed. Below your name will be the location of the lesson and address.

We prefer you pay by check.  Make the check out to Tom Houser.

We ask that you cancel at least 48 hours in advance, or find a substitute for your time.

The Cost:
If you're working with Coach Houser, the cost is $80 an hour for 1 athlete, $85 an hour for 2 athletes per hour ($42.50 per family), $90 an hour for 3 ($30.00 per family), $95 for 4 ($22.50 per family.) So, the price becomes very reasonable very quickly!

If you work with some of the other staff:
The cost may be less per hour that what I listed above.  Please email me. 
Working with a college age trainer or a high school age trainer will also cost less. 

How To Reduce The Cost:
Many families will bring 2 or 3 girls to work with the trainers in order to save money. For example, you could bring two of your daughter's friends with her, reserve two hours with me at Penn Forest Wesleyan, and then owe us a total of $180 for the entire time ($60.00 per family). That's a great deal!

Who Are The Trainers?
To find out more about Coach Houser, you may touch here.
To find out more about the other trainers, you may go back to the player training site, and scroll down.
If the person is not listed and you want to know more info, you may find them here or just email me at

Should You Bring Other Girls With Your Daughter?
For some of the younger athletes, they may feel more comfortable with friends.
But also, the more athletes per session, the less individual attention each athlete receives.

Likewise, the fewer athletes per session, the more individual attention each athlete receives.  But that raises the cost per family,
It's each family's personal preference.   The trainers can work with 1, 2, 3, or 10.  We're OK with however many are there!!

Do You Want Me To Find Partners For Your Daughter?
If you do, please tell me and I can send out a mass email! 

If This Is The First Time You've Reserved Time:
Then please tell me about the athlete:  I would like to know her school, age, grade, school and club experience, position she plays, strengths and weaknesses.
I will then pass that info along to your daughter's trainer so your time with us will be more productive!

Is there anything else I can do for you?
If you ever have any questions, just email me!
Coach Houser 

December 30, 2018
"You don't know how much I wish we lived closer together I would give anything for you to be able to coach my daughter full time. I mean that from the bottom of my heart not only because of your knowledge but because you are a good person and you know how to get the most out of the girls because you treat them right and fair."
Michael Estes, father of Cathryn, Tunstall, c/o '20

September 11, 2018
"It's obvious from what the parents saw tonight that you surely know your stuff!  Those girls on the other teamthat you've been helping have improved leaps and bounds with your lessons! They kicked out butts tonight!"

February 17, 2017
"My daughter and I worked out with one of her teammates Sunday. We shared knowledge a certain volleyball expert shared with us. Worked on her snapping, "thumb-thigh" and guess what? Her hitting improved dramatically. She was shocked and then played well Monday. BTW...You know the expert and will see him in the mirror."
Brian Reinard, mother of Katherine, Lord Botetourt, c/o '19

Octobr 25, 2016
"My daughter needed a Tom Houser boost yesterday. She was volleyball blue......she needed your upbeat personality and volleyball reinforcement before travel season starts. You're the bomb!"
Julia Perry, mother of Emery, Patrick Henry High c/o '20

August 23, 2014
"Know that you singlehandedly, by just being yourself, and doing what you do best ....have turned a spiraling negative situation into a triple shot of confidence, and Jennifer's self esteem is visibly soaring. Her whole attitude and mood is different."
Lisa Broyden, Blacksburg c/o '19.

January 7, 2013
"Morgan's hits looked really good in practice yesterday. 
She said every time she had a good hit she would think to herself 'Thanks, Coach Houser'!   :)"
Becky Starnes, mother of Morgan, Cave Spring, c/o '17.

August  4, 2010
Thank you so much for the opportunity last night in training session with Maddie.  She really felt confident and felt like she took home so much after the training session.  I was shocked this morning . . .Maddie had already completed her homework assignment and had it on the table ready to email to you this evening!
Patricia Poff, mother of Maddie, Lord Botetourt High, c/o '15