Addy Cutting

School: Northside High
Birthday: 10/1/1988
Class 2007
Height:  5'5"
Position:  OH
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  4
Animal: Sloth
Way to Waste Time: Talk online & sleep
Clothing Store: American Eagle
Place To Vacation:  the beach
Restaurant:  Applebee's
TV Show: The O.C.
Type of Food:  Mexican
Word:  jank


Addy practices her setting during warmups!  She is a devoted, practice player, is so valuable, yet her job is so hard.

Addy dressed with us at Shamrock and was "The Spark" in our victory in the Diamond division!  Here she is celebrating with Bethann, Gina & Jessica.

Spiked Punch players have fun even during peppering

Addy waits for Apryl Firebaugh to toss to the setter. 

Addy plays the right side at practice.
She's great at it!!

Refereeing takes a lot out of a person!   Addy did a great job at Laurinburg!

The entire family cheers at the Timberlake finals vs. Williamsburg 15-1

The Delaney's, Mrs. Cutting & Addy take a break while the team eats lunch.

Addy did our refereeing again at RVC West on Feb 19th!  Thank you so much!!

When we won the Diamond Division at Shamrock, we were given towels embroidered with the Shamrock Festival logo.  Above Addy & Gina prepare to test them out!

We begin each practice warming up our arms.  

Addy entertains Sam at Asheville

Dancing? Shagging? Falling?
Hey, Addy, what are you doing in this picture?

Addy enjoys the ice cream at the end of practice one night!  Thank you Mrs. Church!

Regardless of what's going on, Addy has a smile on her face!!

At our End-Of-Season Get Together, Addy & Millie smile at the camera.

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