#3  Kristen Cutting

School:  Northside High
Birthday:  5/17/90
Class 2008
Height:  4'11"
Position:  DS

Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  3
Other sports: School softball

Animal:  puppy
Way to Waste Time:
Computer or Sleeping
Place To Vacation:  Going back home to visit my family in Kansas City.
Restaurant:  Home Place
TV Show:  One Tree Hill
Type of Food:  Mac & Cheese
Word:  doode

Kristen serving at our 2nd practice......She has a strong serve!!  She didn't get to serve much in matches b/c she was always the libero!

Kristen & Bethann take a snack break. 

When we do pressure drills, everyone concentrates!  Here Kristen thinks about her next serve.

Kristen laughs at RVC West.
We had a great time and finished 2nd on our net!

Everyone loves Kristen & she loves everyone!

No, you don't play MB in this drill and being really nice won't change my mind!


Kristen hits from the back row during our Jan 26th scrimmage vs. the 16's.  Nice elbow!!

Austin & Kristen watch a fun match at Asheville!  We must be really beating some team badly!

Kristen, Eva, Lindsey & Kendall celebrate after our win at Hollins on March 26th. 

Kristen, our libero, talks about that last rally with Lindsey & Millie

Something always happens at practice that you don't want to miss......but bagging a teammate?

After we were eliminated by Biltmore Black, we walked high up into the bleachers.  Then everyone took a turn saying how much fun we had!

Kristen and Erika do the "Hands Only" drill at the Skills Competition!

At Shamrock, we started off 2-0, then ate lunch, then went shopping!

That still platform makes Kristen a really good passer!!

Now how cool is this?
Millie's mom brought us Rocket Pops b/c we met our "clipboard" goals!!!

Bethann's little sister was the hit of the party at the "End Of The Season Get Together"!  :)  Here Kristen & MacKenzie watch her.

On April 23, we scrimmaged both the 15R and the 16B team........Here's Kristen bearing down as the 15R team serves.

Hey, girl!  What are you looking at?  We all met at the Brambeton Deli to share our memories on May 15th.

At the State Championships, Kristen shows why we're the best work team anywhere.........it's her incredible ability to concentrate on the task at hand and her inability to be distracted!! 

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