#1 MacKenzie Tyree

CONGRATULATIONS MacKenzie.........orally committed to Carson Newman for fall 2008!! 
Congrats also for being named Blue Ridge District Player Of The Year in 2007,
1st Team All Region and 2nd team All State in 2007! 


MacKenzie was our setter at EC Glass until the reinforcements arrived!  She did GREAT!

Here are Sam, Stephanie & MacKenzie.  What have you guys been telling her?  I'll be watching you!

Before the finals, MacKenzie warms up. 

We all met in Richmond to celebrate
Bethann's birthday party!  That's was a lot of fun!!

Jessica, Eva, Bethann & MacKenzie poise right before we leave EC Glass on April 23rd. We didn't know we'd be rushed out in the next few minutes by a bomb threat!  Jeeeeeze! 

At the State Championships, the parents brought a PILE of food!!  And we all dug in!!  Thank you parents!!

MacKenzie & Kristen smile at the Deli as we all got together one last time!

With our team at full strength at the State Championships, MacKenzie knew  that she wouldn't see any action.  However, that didn't stop her from having a great time!! 

We had a Skills Competition at our final practice.  Each girl had a different partner for each drill.   MacKenzie finished 2nd!!  Great job!   Here she is doing the "tip-dig" drill with Sam.

At the Skills Competition, the girls listen to the instructions for the next drill.  Lindsey won the competition!

MacKenzie was a member of Keesha Meek's 14's team. 
But we had a tournament at
EC Glass in which neither of our setters could attend. 
So we asked MacKenzie if she would consider going with us.
Not only did she set throughout pool play, she played GREAT and then continued to travel with us and come to our practices.  Her parents even attended our tournaments and practices!! 
MacKenzie:  Thank you so much for saving us at EC Glass!  We really loved getting to know you.
You're AWESOME!!!! 

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