The ODR Bid Tournament
Hampton, Va.  March 22-23,
Tournament Information Page

The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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With our 20-25, 25-18, 15-8 victory over Clash, the Roanoke Juniors 16N
team has qualified for the national tournament in Miami June 26 - 29, 2009.

Our Team's green and it's smelly!!

#7 Lauren Sledd
I am very proud of the team this weekend and i think everyone played very well. I think that is some of the best we have ever played. I think that we deserve to go to Nationals. There were a couple a times that i got light headed and got a headache from cheering so loud.  i think our blocking was very good this weekend, i think everyone did a good job of picking the balls up if they did happen to come back on our side.  i also think that our covering was awesome. We have come a long way in covering to where we are now.  Another thing that was good, especially in our last game, was our passing. We had our ups and down in passing but we pulled it out and did a good job overall. I think we also did a great job on serving, it was hard to serve those jump serves and floaters with the court being so small, but i thought everyone served very well.  One of the best things i think we did this weekend is setting. I think we got called for only a couple doubles the whole tournament!  I am so proud of my team for doing so well, and i am so honored to be on this team. They are the best.

#18 Sam Washburn
I thought that we did AWESOME!!! Especially Sunday! We all picked up our game majorly and walked into the gym knowing what we had to do to win and putting our minds to that goal and accomplishing it!!! I had sooo much fun!!!I

#10 Sarah Church
I was very impressed with our team this weekend.  We all pulled together extremely well!  We didn't give up, and I know and could see that every person on the team really wanted it.   Congrats on this weekend coach!  Couldn't have done it without you!

#8 Kimberly McDow
I thought we did really good with keeping our attitude positive! the bench, even though everyone doesn't notice, plays a big part in this. we support our team through everything and without the bench the team would struggle. I thought sam did great as libero and hope she continues to improve. I think our team has gotten to a strong level of play but i still think we could be better. I think we should continue to work on hustle and going for every ball. I also think we should work on our hitting, and making the ball land where we want it to. Im really proud of our team and glad to be a apart of it, but i think we should continue to work hard in practice. I thought this weekend was so much fun and the excitement was amazing cant wait till this coming up weekend and nationals. 

#1 Macey Tyree
I thought this weekend went really really well. Our passing was shaky at times but when we needed the passes at the net the most, we pulled through and got them there.  Also, I think as a team we blocked better than we usually do (not me but people who do block) haha  And just like always if we made a bad pass or set we would better the ball like we are supposed to do!  My favorite part about this team is everyone likes each other...there is no drama!  Which for high school girls is uncommon. But all the girls on this team are willing to put aside differences and opinions and work as one and that's how we got the job done!

#5 Liz Brailsford
I think we did so great against the coastal team! Also in the finals we could have easily given up, but we pushed through and won it. Everyone stayed happy and enjoyed themselves the entire weekend. I am so proud of everyone and so happy that we are all a team. I am so excited for Miami but mostly just excited about getting to play with everyone for a little bit longer.

Pretty great first day.  5-1 in matches, 11-3 in sets!



We played at the
Boo Williams Sportsplex, Hampton, Va
It's website is here.

5 Armistead Pointe Parkway
Hampton, VA 23666
Phone: (757) 637-7300

Our Trophy!!

Our Team Hotel

Country Inn & Suites.
Only a few miles from the playing site.
Phone: 757-224-9994


Our Results

Pool 16A
We defeated Williamburg 16 Black:  18-25, 25-21, 15-11
We defeated RVC 16N:  25-19, 25-16
We defeated USPAV 16 (Uturn):  25-15, 25-12

Pool 16AA
We defeated Coastal 16G:  27-25, 25-22.
We lost to Coastal 16N:  25-23, 24-26, 17-19.

Gold Medal Playoffs
Clash 16's defeated Coastal 16N 18-25, 25-22, 15-11
Roanoke 16N defeated Fredericksburg 25-16, 25-17

Roanoke 16N
by defeating Clash 16's 20-25, 25-18, 15-8. 


Teams That Played In The Tournament


Coastal VA 16N

Coastal Virginia VBC


Coastal VA 16G

Coastal Virginia VBC

fj6odrcl1od Clash 16 Exteme FJVC 16 Nationals


FJVC 16 Nationals

Clash Volleyball club


HOV U16 Navy

Central Virginia Volleyball Inc.HOV


Roanoke 16 National

Roanoke Juniors



Richmond Volleyball Club



Richmond Volleyball Club


TVA 16

Tidewater Volleyball Juniors


USPAV 16 (Uturn)



VBVBA 16N Explosion

Virginia Beach Volleyball Academy


Williamsburg 16 Black

Williamsburg Volleyball Club


Driving Directions

Directions from I-81 to I-64 intersection to our hotel

At exit 221, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-64   (90.7 miles)
        Bridge Reconstruction in Glen Allen (November 6, 2006 - April 30, 2009)
At exit 177, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-295 .  (23.8 mi)
At exit 28A, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-64.    (61.4 mi)
At exit 261B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto Hampton Roads Center Pkwy   (1.2 mi)
Keep RIGHT onto Ramp   (0.2 mi.)
Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-134 [Magruder Blvd]    (0.2 mi.)
Turn LEFT (East) onto Local road(s)     0.0 mi.
Road name changes to Hardy Cash Dr    (0.2 mi.)

Directions from our hotel to Boo Williams

Head east on Hardy Cash Dr, go 250 feet.
Make a U-turn, then go about 0.2 miles.
Turn right at Magruder Blvd/VA-134.  About 1 min, go 0.2 mi
Take the ramp onto Hampton Rd Center Pkwy for about 1 min, go 0.9 mi
Make a U-turn at N Armistead Ave for about 1 min, go 102 ft
You’re not at the intersection of N Armistead Ave & Hampton Road Center Pkwy, Hampton, VA 23666‎.   Boo Williams is at that intersection.

Directions from Boo Williams To Our Hotel

Start at the intersection of N Armistead Ave & Hampton Road Center Pkwy, Hampton
Head west on Hampton Rd Center Pkwy toward Coliseum Crossing Shop Center/Coliseum Dr.    About ˝ mile.
Take the VA-134/Magruder Blvd ramp     go 0.3 mi
Turn left at Magruder Blvd/VA-134   About 2 mins    go 0.3 miTurn left at Hardy Cash Dr, destination will be on the right,  about 1 min

Coming Straight to BooWilliams Via Wburg or Suffolk/Cheseapeake

For people traveling from Williamsburg and Points North

  1. Take I-64E
  2. Take exit 261B for Hampton Roads Center Parkway E
  3. Merge onto Hampton Roads Center Parkway and cross Armistead Avenue to enter the Boo Williams Sportsplex parking lot.

 For people traveling from Suffolk , Chesapeake

  1. Take I-664 North toward Newport News
  2. Merge onto I-64 West via exit 1A on the Left toward Williamsburg/Richmond
  3. Merge onto VA-134 N/MAGRUDER BLVD. via exit 262B toward NASA/Poquoson
  4. Turn Right on Hardy Cash Drive
  5. Turn Left on Coliseum Drive
  6. Merge Right onto Hampton Roads Center Parkway and cross Armistead Avenue to enter the Boo Williams Sportsplex parking lot.



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