Brookville High 17's,
Lynchburg, VA, February 7th,
Tournament Information Page

The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
Last updated:  01/24/2010 02:57 PM

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Our Results

We defeated HOV 17 Navy 25-22, 26-24, 25-16
We defeated River Valley 17's 25-22, 25-8, 25-11
We beat Agusta 17 Smash 25-22, 25-9, 25-14

Semi-finals:  We defeated HOV 17 Red 25-9, 25-19
Final:  We lost to Coastal 17N 23-25, 17-25


Final Results on Both Nets:
Court 1:  Coastal 17N 9-0; HOV 17Red 4-5;
MAVC 17 3-6; NVVC 16 2-7
Court 2:  Roanoke 16N 9-0; HOV 17Navy 4-5;
Augusta 17-1 and River Valley 17-2 were both 3-6


Our Playing Schedule

You can see another copy of this here.


Teams That Are Scheduled To Play In The Tournament



North Valley Volleyball Club (Roanoke)


Roanoke 16 National

Roanoke Juniors


Coastal VA 17N

Coastal Virginia VBC


Augusta Jrs 17-1 Rage

Augusta Juniors


HOV U17 Navy

Central Virginia Volleyball



Central Virginia Volleyball



Mid Atlantic Volleyball Club (Richmond)


River Valley 17-2

River Valley Juniors (Blacksburg)



Brookville High. 
The school website is here.

Brookville High School is located on the corner of
Laxton Road and Timberlake Road (Rt 460 Business),
on the west side of Lynchburg, Virginia.
Address: 100 Laxton Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502
Phone Number: (434)-239-2636




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