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The goal of these ebooks:

To answer many of the countless questions that all us coaches have!!  You will read about:

Samantha:  The Girl Who Could Not Be Cut.

What Men Need To Know About Coaching Teen Females

Keep Control Of The Team.  Take A Stand Against Attitude.

There are also chapters for parents who want to look into their coach's mind, learn more about recruiting, more about making a team!

Making The Team:  Here Are 10 Things the Coach Is Looking For

Leadership:  The Three Factors That Determine It.

Making A Video For The College Coach:  Step By Step Assistance.

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Coach Houser:
Again, thank you for your articles....many times throughout the season I'd open up an email from you and there it was in black and white, the very thing I had been contemplating or that drill that helped us prepare for the next big match....all I can say is please keep them coming!

Chriselda Tapia, Head VolleyballCoach Crystal City High School, Crystal City, Texas


"I Can't Wait To Coach Today" Volume 1

"I Can't Wait To Coach Volleyball Today" Vol 1

This ebook has nearly 100 articles about coaching high school sports and being a parent of a high school athlete.

This ebook has over 80 articles about coaching high school & club volleyball and being a parent of a high school volleyball player. 

 Chapters include:
Dealing With Parents.
The Recruitment Process.
The Big Picture.
Team Discipline.
If We Do Our Job Right, Guess What?
In Season Team Issues.
Let's Motivate The Coach.
Our Own Personal Issues.
Understanding Our Players.

  Chapters include:
Complete Practice Plans
For The First Week.
Skills:  Overall improvement,
plus sections on serving & setting.
Running Practice.
Winning Strategies.
How To Keep & Use Stats.
Improving Defense.
On Match Night.
New/Young Coaches.
Club Volleyball.

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Here are the chapters that are in the ebooks.

"I Can't Wait To Coach Today"
Volume 1

"I Can't Wait To Coach Volleyball Today" Vol 1

The Big Picture:  Take Care Of The Team.
Team Discipline.
 Team Bonding.
 If We Do It Right, Guess What's Waiting For Us?
 The Match!
 Hints and Time Savers.
  Pre-Season and In-Season Team. Issues.
  Dealing With Parents.
 For The New/Young/Inexperienced Coach.
 Let's Motivate The Coach!
  General Off-Season.
 Off-Season:  Camps.
 Our Own Personal Issues.
  Just For The Assistant Coaches.
 Club Volleyball.
 We Want To Understand Our Players Better.
For Parents And Players!
Tryouts And Which Team To Play On.
Should We Transfer To Another School?
The Recruiting Process.
  Letís Talk About Your Teamís Coach.
The Big Issue:  Playing Time.
  Sit Back And Enjoy!!
Quitting The Team.

 If We Do It Right,
Guess What's Waiting
For Us?
 The First Week Of Practice:
A Complete Outline.
  Drills & Drill Creation.
 General Skill Improvement.
 The Match!
For The New/Young/Inexperienced Coach.
General Off-Season.
Our Own Personal
 Club Volleyball.
We Want To Understand Our Players Better.

For Parents And Players!
 Tryouts And Which Team To Play On.
The Recruiting
  Letís Talk About
Your Teamís Coach.
The Big Issue: 
Playing Time
  Sit Back And Enjoy!!


Here are 6 articles that are free to download.
If you enjoy these articles, consider buying over 180 more in my ebooks!

Articles For Coaches

A Coach's Most Important Job:  Protect The Team!

Team Discipline 
My #1 Rule And My Personal Preferences. 

If We Do It Right, What's Waiting? 
The Pyramid:  Winning Is The Top.  But What's The Foundation?

Articles For Parents and Players

The Recruiting Process 
Mom Asks A Lot Of Questions.
Here Are The Answers

Outdoor Doubles Tournament
Twenty Things That You Will Need To Have With You

Playing Time
You Think You "Deserve" A Chance In A Game Situation?  NO. Volleyball Is Different Than Other Sports 

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Drill Collection!

It's a collection of over 115 drills split into 6 categories.

They're not from a book or from a clinic.

These are drills that I created to help my high school & club teams win.

For more info, the Drill Collection website is here.

Here are the 2 new drills that I sent out in May 2006! You're welcome to download them out and keep them as my thanks for visiting!

A new category of 22 drills was added: 
Pre-Match Warmups


February 8, 2018
"I wanted to let you know that [my daughter] sure has bloomed since working with you. She played very well in the tournament a couple of weeks ago. She as now learned the fundamentals. That is what most players never get. "

June 16, 2016
"Thank you SO much for helping me! I can't tell you how much this means to me. You truly are the best! You don't have to take the time to help me, so it means so much that you are willing to do that for my team and me! THANKS! Hopefully something will change in your situation that might allow you to be our head coach......we're not giving up! :) "

September 21, 2014
" I am assuming that you are aware of how you perform a COMPLETE transformation from DEFEATED to EMPOWERED in one afternoon with YOU.  This must be why you do what you do. :)
And, I could EASILY go on, using even more powerful words."

August 16, 2013
Wow! Thank you SO much for your thoughtful, helpful, articulate, and PROMPT response! Providing a personal example really helped to clarify my situation and know that you really thought it through before replying. It's obvious that you are an exceptionally dedicated coach and teacher.

December 29, 2012
I am learning to just keep coaching no matter whatÖ.win lose ...keep teaching encouraging, fussing, disciplining and building a team.  Thanks for all your advice and encouragement. It really does make an impact!

October 13, 2011
Thanks Coach.  Your answer makes perfect sense - you are clearly a volleyball guru!   I'm excited to practice this, and will let you know how it turns out.  Thanks again!

January 11, 2011
Thank you so much for your answer. Just knowing where to get the answer was helpful, but you doing the leg work is awesome.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

August 28 11, 2009
The email you sent me will definitely be added to my coachís personal book on the first page so as to never forget the important points in building a successful program.  I appreciate all the tips and certainly will be implementing those.Ö.thanks, youíre the best! BTW, I will be ordering your drills collectionÖI canít wait!

March 12, 2008
My adrenalin is on a rush- I can't tell you how much chatting with you has calmed my anxiety and upped my motivation!  Again, thank you for your articles....many times throughout the season I'd open up an email from you and there it was in black and white, the very thing I had been contemplating or that drill that helped us prepare for the next big match....all I can say is please keep them coming!


Order the "I Can't Wait" Collection Here!


I am pouring over your book.. loving every minute of it. Thank you for doing such a great job and spending the time on all of the topics that coaches may have questions on.  

Kate Horning, Head Coach, Post Falls, Idaho

I'm about half way through with reading your articles.  Tryouts start next week and I am so ready (mostly thanks to you).  I wish you could know how much you have already helped me! Thanks!

K.D. Doyle, Former Head Coach, Woodbridge High, Woodbridge Va

I love your website and your coaching philosophies , and would love to send my daughter to a camp you put on to learn from you.  So far, I LOVE the ebooks. TONS of knowledge jam packed in there!!!

Debbie Foster
Largo, FL


"The coaching personality I have now is attributed to what I've learned from Coach Houser.  I learned from his example and it has made me better coach.   I honestly hope you
consider checking out Coach Houser's website.  He has free downloads that are very helpful. The most helpful item is his Ebooks, which you can get info from his website.  I don't get any compensation for promoting these sites other than I know you'll learn from them as I

Kelly Daniels
Lee's Summit, Missouri


I am on page 95 of your book and look forward to the rest of it.  I am an avid reader and this is the best self-help book I've read.

Maria Rushbrook,
Former Head Coach, Roanoke Catholic School

I have read your ebooks and have found them to be very informative as well as motivational.  I think you do a great job of spelling out alot of problems that today's coaches face and offer valuable solutions to these problems. I really enjoyed the book that you dedicated to your wife "I Can't Wait to Coach Today!!" This is a great resource for Coaches at all levels!

Jeff Ray
Former Head Coach, Bluefield College
Bluefield West Virginia


"I Can't Wait To Coach Volleyball Today" is a wonderful information for a volleyball coach. Whether you are new to coaching or a beginner there is great information here for everyone. I think it is always important to reevaluate what you are doing and this book helps do that with great ideas. Just because you have always done something one way doesn't mean it will always work with the changing game and more advanced athletes. This book will get you thinking which is always a positive for a volleyball coach.

Danny Miller
Head Volleyball Coach, Averett University


I can hardly wait for our first practice in January. I am so motivated by your great words and books. I feel confident that Iím going into this club season with lots of great practice ideas and ways to get the girls excited too!

Kate Horning, Head Coach, Post Falls, Idaho


These e-books are a great source of Coach Houser's personal experiences derived from over 20 years coaching high school and club level volleyball. A tremendous starting point for any beginning coach looking to get a head start on what to expect, and how to work through some of the issues that they will surely face over their first few years as a junior high, high school, or club coach. I strongly recommend it for anyone starting to get involved in coaching at this level, or an experienced coach looking for a fresh perspective!

Ray Costa
Head Volleyball Coach,
Marietta College, Ohio


Coach Houser's articles are the best.  Being a male coach, they help me relate to my players so much better and this has made our team more successful.  If every coach read these articles, the sport would benefit nationwide.  His ideas are fresh, relevant, and insightful.  My players enjoy reading the articles as well. The articles I find particularly interesting are the ones in regards to playing time and how to deal with parents.  I wish I would have had them in the early stages of my coaching career when I took over a perennial losing program.  If you read anything about volleyball, read Coach Houser's articles, they are the best.

Coach Keith Gay
Birchwood Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach

Reading Tom Houser is like being in the gym.  He brings experiences directly to you from his own practices and game courts.  A thoughtful, successful coach, Tom Houser looks exhaustively at the challenges -- and joys -- of coaching.  Well worth the read. 

Mike Tully
"Yes I Can!" volleyball coach


Dear Tom:  I got the e books and drill collection and what a worthwhile purchase it was!!! The information is fantastic and I can't wait to put some of your drills and ideas into practice.  Reading your material has inspired me to become a better coach, and have some of the success you had as well. Thanks again for making this information available thru your website. You're great!!

Dave Rapp
 Varsity Volleyball Coach
McDowell Senior High
Erie, Pennsylvania

"Coach Houser has brought together a collection of articles that address both the 'sport' side of volleyball, as well as the 'human' side of the game. This combination is valuable for anyone working with players, and gives a most unique perspective. The fact that the articles are based on real life experiences adds to their value. Because they cover a myriad of topics and issues they are useful throughout the season and off-season too."

Marc Pogachar
Head Coach, Spirit Vball Club, 14N Team.

Coach Houser is a well known and very reputable source for information regarding volleyball. I have looked into his background and had many e-mail discussions with him and find that his information, philosophy and good natured interest in the sport is second to no one's. 
 Interested coaches may wish to purchase some of Tom's coaching materials as they are truly second to none I have seen, and my current library, is quite extensive.
 Andrew Brewster
 All-Canadian Volleyball
 Vancouver, Canada

"I have gotten so much other great stuff from your ebooks that I can't imagine the drills could be better.  You can  use the statement as a testimonial- it's so true!"

Cecilia Methvin
Redemptorist High School
Baton Rouge, LA


Coach Houserís articles are not only about the technical aspects of volleyball, but also about the coaching side of volleyball that many coaches forget about. The issues he discusses are for coaches at all levels, from the coach just starting out to the experienced coaches.

Colin Glass
Travel & School Coach, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


I am so pleased with your info, drills, and advice you have given - I am constantly referring my vball friends to your site. Thank you again for the awesome ideas.

David Rapp
Varsity Volleyball Coach
McDowell Senior High
Erie, Pennsylvania


"These books are awesome.  I am waiting for your podcast.  God has blessed you with a great passion for volleyball and life, and you are not wasting it."

Jim Barber, Head Coach at Westover Christian, Danville, VA.  Nine-time STAR Camp host. 


I'm going through the e-books--great stuff!  The bigger picture things are terrific. You know, I think you may have a future in this game...

Frank Guilfoyle
Parent of two volleyball players in Roanoke, Va



" I Can't Wait To Coach Today" is a great blueprint for coaching.  Very good information that will give direction to new coaches and present new fresh ideas to veteran coaches.  Coaches that aren't continually learning and adapting are falling behind. I would recommend this book to all coaches as another source of inspiration and affirmation.

Danny Miller
Head Volleyball Coach,
Averett University


All coaches receive the ebooks free when they host a STAR camp.