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May 8, 2023

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Summer Camps 2022

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If you're looking for the "I Can't Wait" Ebooks, the site is here
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And the "I Can't Wait" Drill Collection site is here,
with a few free drills to download.

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Do you want a fun, intense and affordable site camp for this summer?
The camps we directed in 2022 can be seen here!  
Our 2023 summer camp calendar is here!
We direct more camps each summer. 
After looking over the site, I think you'll know why! 


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Sample In-Season Coach-To-Parent Emails
Sample Newsletter Covering a Lot of Topics! 
Sample Pre-Tournament Newsletter 
Playing Time:  Parents, Let's Have a Heart-to-Heart 
I Needed The Parents Help To Solve A Behavioral Issue At Practice. 
Team Season Stats For Parents  
I asked my players to answer some tough questions!  I share their answers with the parents.  

All You Need To Know About The Libero!

Here are all the Libero rules that you need to know!

A Few Fun Ideas For Your Team! 
Our team's
Fashion Show website and "rules"   haha
For Club Coaches:  Valentine's Day "rules".

You can see us here and here play "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Hey, I've just discovered "Amoeba Tag"!  It's pretty cool!
To see how this is played, and to see many more kids games, you can visit GamesKidsPlay.net

Off Season Preparation
My email to a player about what she should be doing during the summer  

Order the "I Can't Wait" Collection Here!

Handouts, Worksheets, Emails.......When I'm A Head High School Coach
A tentative practice schedule for players & parents
Our handout for home matches with a roster, schedule, announcements, etc.
A little agenda for a parents meeting
An Excel File with all the players' info!              Website Information Sheet
Five Statements For My Team to Give a 1 through 10   (The results are above!  "Ten Tough.....")
Leadership Quotes
Simple 4-2 Serve Receive Formations and Two Simple Bases and the Explanation

Some of my inseason handouts are factual. 
Some even are followed up by quizzes at the next practice!!

Playing Time              Statistics Analysis

 These are my newsletters that I emailed to parents & players during
my 2nd year as the head varsity coach at Roanoke Catholic School. I want all bases covered!

Newsletter #2, July 2
Newsletter #5, Sept 3rd                       Newsletter #6, October 4th
Newsletter #7, October 19th                 
Newsletter #8, November 25th

During a club volleyball season, I gave out a number of inspirational/motivational handouts. 
Here are some of them.

Goal Setting               How Fast Should You Improve?
I believe!!                     Kris didn't give up!!
No Matter What!!                 How to be a magnet for improvement! 
How to create a masterpiece                   It takes 1000's of hours of hard work  
Why We Play, a goose bumpy article written by a San Diego teenager
How to Make Your Mental Game Better

Our 2015 Junior Volleyball season handouts!
The Empath! All your female players can feel what others are feeling! 

Personal goals for the season!
Love This! End of Season Awards!

When Things Are Going Badly: Three Pages Of Motivational Quotes
Keys To Having A Successful Practice! 

Playing Time Thoughts!

During another club volleyball season, here are some handouts.
Motivation From Misty May

Play Codes, Signals, Names

And here are some handouts from the next season!
What Coach Houser Believes!
The Old Dominion Region Referee Test  and The Answer Key
Scrimmage Goals      The Price To Win

Our 2010 club volleyball handouts.
Preseason Email To Prospective Parents  
    Handout To Parents On Tryout Day
I LOVE PRACTICE!!    Region Rankings!  We're #1!!
End Of Season Memories:  Players

End Of Season Memories  Parents

Our 2011 club volleyball season handouts!
Opening Parents Meeting... The Info and the Way It Will Be! 

Newsletters:  Jan 31 and March 13
I Love My Team          My Team Is A Mess

A Change of Place Requires A Change Of Pace
Thought For St Pat's Day Practice 

Junior Volleyball referee forms (2018)!
The USAV referee/scorekeeper sheets for this season can be found here


Just For Fun!!! 
A new associate degree is being offered:  How to Be a Real Man

Very Interesting Reading!!  Here Is An Article That I Came Upon!
Why Do We Punish Volleyball Players??

Order the "I Can't Wait" Collection Here!


May 6, 2023:
"When I wanted to learn, I used to just watch your camps and take notes. Then I actually made money for my program and stayed in my own bed lol."
Jin Barber, former head volleyball coach, Westover Christian Academy

October 29, 2022:
“So glad to know that you are still working with young women to change their lives for the better. That was Catherine’s best time in her life. A pivotal point. Thanks for all of your encouragement over the years you don’t know how much impact you have on the women’s life that you touch. Keep up the hard work!!”"
Linda Reinard, mother of Catherine, Lord Botetourt c/o '20

November 1, 2021:
"Stella made her district’s 1st Team All-District! Many thanks to you for all the nuggets of wisdom over the years which have significantly contributed to her trajectory! You are living out your purpose well. All of your girls are blessed to have you!"
Ada Hale, mother of Stella, Spotswood High c/o '23

September 28, 2021:
"My daughter is now a college volleyball player, and what she learned at Coach Houser's camps was incredible. I can't recommend his camps enough."
Colin Hays, father of Mollie, Amarillo High, Texas, c/o '21

September 17, 2020:
"She wanted to give you a huge thank you and appreciation for everything you’ve done for her. And believe me she let them all know how awesome you are last night. You see, some who came last night hadn’t seen her play in couple years. They asked what have you been doing and she said I give it all to Houser. Said you have helped her more than anything. Told them they need come to you. That’s it’s all worth it."
Beth McMillion, mother of Savannah, Woodrow Wilson, West Va, c/o '21

June 8, 2018:
"I thank you immensely. You have been truly a sounding board, a track guide, and an inspiration. I’m excited about our continued partnership. Im excited how the camp has grown since last year....THANKS!!"
Gwyn Stone, head volleyball coach
George Washington High, Danville, Va

August 4, 2017:
"I told my daughter that you asked for her schedule and that you would try to make a game to see her play and she liked that! She really has a lot of respect for you as a coach and as a person. Thanks for believing in her and all the girls because it makes such a difference in their lives, their self-esteem and everything. Anyway can’t wait to see you too."

July 8, 2016:
"I'm prepping for my season and was wondering if you could email me any coaching tips/materials that you think may be helpful! The year that I played on your team was probably my favorite season. I admire your coaching methods, and I would love to learn as much as possible!!"
Kendra Meek Williams, head coach Greer Middle College, Taylors SC

April 30, 2015:
"My daughter really enjoyed this season. We look forward to working with you in the future. I say this and mean this: Your knowledge of volleyball and your ability to help girls with training is superior!!

May 10, 2011:
"I'm looking forward to going through these drills. I'm always on the hunt for new ones and the two freebies I found on your website were great ideas! Can't wait for the season to start and try them out."
Patty Heimbrock, Edgewood Ohio.

March 5, 2014:
"I really appreciate and value your input. As you do with so many coaches, it enables me to be a better coach!"

Sharon Lochert, host of 2 STAR site camps near Santa Rosa, CA.

July 12, 2012:
"Thank you for the reply. I figured that you probably get asked similar questions rather often. You've provided exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks again for all you!"

Jonathan Whitt, father of Ashlyn, 2012 Maximum Expectation camper.


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