Big South National Qualifier Page
Fri March 31 - Mon April 2nd, 2006
The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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The World Congress Center

Where It All Started!
We showed up on Court 51 right on time....long walk!!  Thanks Mr. Church!
We won our first 3 matches there!

The Aquarium

Team Pictures!!

Silly Player Pictures

(ahhhh, Jessica, are you missing something?)

Everyone Leaves Together!
"Together We Can" and we play for the Bid next week!!

Other Pictures

The 18N's!!

My Stepdaughter, Lauren Clary


Our Results

We defeated TVC 15-1 Grindle (Ohio) 25-23 (after being up 24-15), 25-14.
We defeated Atlanta Boom 25-10 (with a messed up starting lineup haha) then 25-11.
We defeated SouthShore 15 National  (Texas) 25-16, 25-21.

We defeated Fort Smith 15 National (Arkansas) 25-21, 25-14
We lost to Austin Red (who eventually finished 4th!) 21-25, 25-19, 14-16
We beat SSA Jrs 15-1 (Georgia) 25-19, 25-16

Challenge Match:  We lost to Impact VBC 15 Teal (Nashville) (They eventually WON the 104 team tournament!!!)   18-25, 21-25.

Silver A Playoffs
We lost to Triange 15 Keapa 25-14, 22-25, 10-15.

Final Standings:
We finished 19th of 104 teams.
We won 5 of our 8 matches.
We won 12 games, lost only 6.
We were the highest finisher of the 4 Roanoke Jrs teams that were there.   We were also the highest finisher of all the Virginia 15's teams there!   We played our hearts out, and we're ready to play again!!

Information Email

Our pool info (and other team's pool info!!)
can be seen here.


We lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night.
Therefore, there will be an EARLY curfew!!

Our schedule:

Friday March 31: 8am to 2
Sat April 1:  won't know until our Friday pool is done.  More info below.
Sun April 2: Single elimination playoffs 

Some websites that you may want to visit:
The tournament website is here.
Directions from our hotel to our playing site are here.
    7.4 miles, approx 12 mins

The hotel is another Hampton Inn. 
It's website is here.
1975 N Druid Hills Rd Ne, Atlanta, GA 30329-1807

Hot breakfast every morning.
High speed internet in every room via ethernet cable, wireless in public areas

Recommended Driving Directions to the Hampton Inn from Roanoke
1. Take the I-81 S ramp to Bristol - go 62 mi...
2. Take the I-77 S exit 81 to Charlotte - go 125 mi...
3. Take the I-85 S exit 13B to Spartanburg - go 235 mi...
4. Take exit 89 to N Druid Hills Rd (GA-42) - go 0.2 mi
Take north exit ramp, will loop you towards hotel. 

The Georgia World Congress Center


285 Andrew Young International Blvd Nw, Atlanta, GA 30313-1513

It consists of 200 acres in the middle of downtown Atlanta. The 3.9 million square feet facility is surrounded by landscaped plazas, public parking lots and two landmarks: the 71,250-seat Georgia Dome and 21-acre Centennial Olympic Park

Directions from our hotel to the playing site:

1. Head southeast from N Druid Hills Rd NE - go 0.2 mi
2. Bear right into the I-85 S entry ramp - go 6.2 mi
3. Take the Georgia Dome exit 249C to Williams St/World Congress Ctr - go 0.7 mi
4. Turn right at Andrew Young International Blvd NW - go 0.3 mi

The map can be seen here

Some of the Roanoke Juniors teams are staying at the Crowne Plaza.  It's website is here.


March 31
18 Open
17 Open
16 Open
15 Open
15 Club
14 Open
14 Open
14 Club
13 Club **
12 Club

18 Club
17 Club
16 Club
13 Club **

April 1
18 Open**
18 Club**
17 Open**
17 Club**
16 Open**
16 Club**
15 Open**
15 Club**
14 Open**
14 Open
14 Club**
13 Club**
12 Club (am only)

April 2

Play will begin at 8:00 am and all matches should be concluded by approximately 3:30 pm

 Additional matches due to playoffs or trickle downs may cause the conclusion of play to be later than 3:30 pm.

Age groups with ** beside indicate that the age group will be played partially in the AM and partially in PM wave.  You may not know which wave you're in until your first pool is done.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS will hit us all on Sunday, April 2 at 12:01 am.

"Please understand that there may be changes to the above schedule between now and the beginning of the event should issues arise that directly affect the schedule.  We will notify you immediately should this occur."

There are 834 total teams!
104 teams in our 15's club division!!

Here are the teams that are entered
in the 15's Club division.
 FJ5RNKJR1OD  Roanoke 15 National  Roanoke Juniors
 FJ5RICKY1FL  15 Blue  Club Florida Volleyball
 FJ5AFIVE3SO  A5 Mizuno 15 Crystal  A5 Volleyball Club
 FJ5AFIVE2SO  A5 Mizuno 15 Duane  A5 Volleyball Club
 FJ5ACEVB1NT  ACE 15 NATIONAL  Ace Volleyball Club
 FJ5ALAMO2LS  Alamo 15 Gold  Alamo Volleyball
 FJ5AMVBC1LS  AMV 151 Moxie  Austin Metro Volleyball
 FJ5TXALT1NT  Assault 15Kaepa  Texas Assault Volleyball
 FJ5ATLBM1SO  Atlanta Boom 15 Orange  Atlanta Boom Volleyball Club
 FJ5ATLJR1SO  Atlanta Juniors 15 Orange  Atlanta Juniors
 FJ5ATACK1GL  Attack 15-1  Attack Volleyball Club
 FJ5AJVBA3LS  Austin 15 Red  Austin Junior Volleyball
 FJ5BILTM1CR  Biltmore 15-1 Black  Biltmore Volleyball Club
 FJ5BLKMT1AZ  Black Mountain Jrs 15-1  Black Mountain Juniors
 FJ5BOMER3FL  Boomers 15 Black  Boomers VBC
 FJ5BOMER2FL  Boomers 15 Blue  Boomers VBC
 FJ5BOMER1FL  Boomers 15 Elite  Boomers VBC
 FJ5CAJUN1BY  Cajunland 15  Cajunland VBC
 FJ5CAPCO1FL  Cape Coast 15 National  Cape Coast VBC
 FJ5CCVAF1FL  CCVA 15's National - Sharks  Clay County Volleyball Academy
 FJ5CFLVC1FL  CFVC 15-1  Central Florida Volleyball Club
 FJ5CFLVC2FL  CFVC 15-2  Central Florida Volleyball Club
 FJ5CHVBC1PM  Charleston Juniors 15 Red  Charleston Jrs.
 FJ5CHGJR1GL  Chicago Jrs 15 Jade  Chicago Jrs
 FJ5CARJR1CR  CJV 15-1 Fusion  Carolina Juniors Volleyball
 FJ5CLUBB1GC  Club Bomba 15-1  Club Bomba
 FJ5CLUBS1PM  Club South 151 Nat  Club South
 FJ5CLUBS2PM  Club South 152 Nat  Club South
 FJ5CSGVL1PM  Club South Greenville 15-1  Club South-Greenville
 FJ5CLTEX1LS  Club Texas 15 Black  Club Texas
 FJ5VTECH1FL  Club Volei-Tech 15-1  Club Volei-Tech
 FJ5DSUMM1NT  D Summit 15 Kaepa Steve  Dallas Summit VBC
 FJ5DLFRC1NT  Dallas Force 15 National  Dallas Force
 FJ5DIGTW1SO  Dig To Win 151  Dig To Win
 FJ5ESBVC1GC  Eastern Shore 15's  Eastern Shore VBC
 FJ5FSJVB1DE  Fort Smith Juniors 15 National  Fort Smith Juniors
 FJ5GAJRS1SO  Georgia Juniors 15-1  Georgia Juniors
 FJ5ICSTR1CR  I.C. Stars 15  I.C. Stars
 FJ5IMPAC2SO  Impact VBC 15 Red  Impact VBC
 FJ5IMPAC1SO  Impact VBC 15 Teal  Impact VBC
 FJ5JAXJR1FL  JJVA 15N  Jacksonville Junior Volleyball
 FJ5JAXJR3FL  JJVA 15R-G  Jacksonville Junior Volleyball
 FJ5JAXJR2FL  JJVA 15R-L  Jacksonville Junior Volleyball
 FJ5MMJVB1DE  Kaepa Memphis Metro 15 Elite  Memphis Metro Jvc, Inc.
 FJ5WIJRS2BG  Kaepa Wi Jrs 15Blue  Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball
 FJ5KNVBC1HA  KNVBC Topeka Impact 15-1  Kansas Networks Volleyball Clu
 FJ5KREWE1BY  Krewe of Sarah  Krewe Volleyball Club
 FJ5LCEDG1NT  Lake Cities Edge 15-1  Lake Cities Edge
 FJ5LAVAV1FL  LAVA 15 Red  LAVA (Lakeland Area VB Assoc.)
 FJ5LNVBC1CR  LNVB 15 Heat  Lake Norman Volleyball Club
 FJ5MJUNI1LK  M Juniors 15-1  M Juniors
 FJ5MAGIC1LS  Magic 15-1  Magic Volleyball Club
 FJ0MAGIC1SO  Magic City Thunder 15-1  Magic City Thunder
 FJ5MAVAS2PR  MAVA 15-Busch  MidAmerica Volleyball Asso.
 FJ5GJVBC2FL  Mizuno G'ville Jrs 15 Orange  Mizuno G'ville Jrs. Volleyball
 FJ5GJVBC1FL  Mizuno G'ville Jrs. 15 Blue  Mizuno G'ville Jrs. Volleyball
 FJ5NAVBC1SO  NAVC 15-1 Blaze  North Atlanta Volleyball Club
 FJ5NCCHL1CR  NC Challengers 15-1  NC Challengers
 FJ5NFLVB2FL  NFVA 15's Blue  North Florida Volleyball Academy
 FJ5NSVBC1HA  North Stars 151 Impact  North Stars Volleyball Club
 FJ5NLKVB1SO  Northlake 15 Black  Northlake Kaepa VBC
 FJ5NLKVB2SO  Northlake 15 Red  Northlake Kaepa VBC
 FJ5OVAVB2FL  OVA 15 Adidas  Orlando Volleyball Academy
 FJ5OVAVB3FL  OVA 15 Travel  Orlando Volleyball Academy
 FJ5PBHPV1FL  PBHP 15 Lightning  Palm Beach HP
 FJ5PJVBC1LS  Pearland Jrs 15 National  Pearland Juniors Volleyball Cl
 FJ5PHEAT1FL  Pinellas Heat 15 Elite  Pinellas Heat Elite
 FJ5PREMR1OV  Premier 15-1  Premier Volleyball Club
 FJ5POTEN1PM  PSoV 15Black  Potential School of Volleyball
 FJ5RWDTH5GW  Rockwood Thunder 152  Rockwood Thunder VBC
 FJ5RVCJR1OD  RVC 15N  Richmond VBC Juniors
 FJ5SAJRS1LS  San Antonio Juniors 151  San Antonio Juniors
 FJ0SPURS1FL  Sandspurs 15-2  Sandspurs
 FJ5SKYLN2NT  Skyline Juniors 15 National  Skyline Juniors
 FJ5SMJVC1SO  SMJVC 15-1  Smoky Mountain Jrs. VBC
 FJ5SMJVC2SO  SMJVC 15-2  Smoky Mountain Jrs. VBC
 FJ5SSJRS2LS  SouthShore 15 National  South Shore Jrs.
 FJ5SSAJR1SO  SSA Jr's 15-1  Suwanee Sports Academy Juniors
 FJ5STAUG1FL  St. Augustine 15's  St.Augustine Volleyball Assoc.
 FJ0SLELT1GW  St. Louis Elite G15  St. Louis Elite Volleyball Clu
 FJ5TSVBC1FL  Tallahassee Select 15 N  Tallahassee Select Volleyball
 FJ5TXADV2NT  TAV 15 Molten 2  Texas Advantage Volleyball
 FJ5TMPSA1NT  Team PSA 15 Red  Team PSA Volleyball Club
 FJ5TXSEL1LS  Texas Select 15 Adidas  Texas Select Volleyball Club
 FJ5TXTOR2LS  Texas Tornados 15 Black  Texas Tornados VBC
 FJ5TRCST1FL  Treasure Coast 15 Blue  Treasure Coast Jrs.
 FJ5TRNGL1CR  Triangle 15 Kaepa  Triangle Volleyball Club
 FJ5TRICO1SO  Tri-County 151  Tri-County VBC
 FJ5TRICO2SO  Tri-County 152  Tri-County VBC
 FJ5TSUNA1SO  Tsunami 15 Black  Tsunami Juniors
 FJ5TSUNA2SO  Tsunami 15 Blue  Tsunami Juniors
 FJ5TVAWS1FL  TVA 15 Elite  The Volleyball Academy at W.S.
 FJ5TOLVC1OV  TVC 15-1 Grindle  Toledo Volleyball Club
 FJ5UNION1PR  Union 15 Purple  Union Volleyball
 FJ5UNION2PR  Union 15 White  Union Volleyball
 FJ5UNLMT1GL  Unlimited 15  Unlimited VBC
 FJ5USASO1FL  USA South 15  USA South Volleycenter
 FJ5VBPEN1GC  Volleyball Pensacola 15 Nikkel  Volleyball Pensacola
 FJ5VOLFX1WE  VolleyFX Chant 151  Volley FX Volleyball Club
 FJ5WACO-1LS  Waco Jrs - Trava  WACO JRS
 FJ5WIPWR3BG  WI PoWer 15-2 White  Wisconsin Power
 FJ5WCSVB1SO  Williamson County Select 15-1  Williamson County Select VBC
 FJ5WVBC-2LS  Willowbrook 15 Molten  Willowbrook



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