Early Bird, Columbus Ohio, Feb 18-20
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The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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Here's how we did!!

Three Team Pool #1
We beat VolleyFX Summon 15-2 (Rochester) 2-0
We best PVA 15-1 (Philadelphia) 2-0
Three Team Pool #2
We beat Allgegro 14's 2-0
And then we beat VolleyFX 15-1 (Rochester) 2-0.....EXCITING! 
But we served them short and rolled/dumped into their campfire!!

Four-Team Pool
We defeated Premier (Ohio) 2-0
We defeated Pitt 3-River 2-0
We defeated Williamsburg 2-1.....wow, what a match!!
Yeah, we were being screened.....but the refs wouldn't call it.
Challenge Match
We defeated Nova Phoenix (Northern Virginia) 2-0 and MacK got to serve....ooops, no she didn't. 

Single Elimination Playoffs
We defeated VolleyFX 15-1:  10-25, 25-17, 25-9.  WHAT A COMEBACK!!
VolleyFX could do no wrong in the 1st game, but we passed/served/hit & won the 2nd.
We lost the Indianapolis 15N:  22-25, 24-26.  A GREAT MATCH!!

So we finished the weekend in 3rd place of 28 teams!
Our match record was 9-1, and our game record was 18-4.

What an incredible weekend. 
It was the first time any of us had ever been to Columbus.....let's go again next year!!

Eating At
The Cheese Cake Factory........
Jeeeeeeze.........So I forgot where we ate!
MacK was 14.5 that day!  COOOL!!  haha

The Hotel & the Colubus Convention Center

Warmups On the Carpet......and that pesky security guard

Team Pictures!

Individual Pictures
Sorry.    There are no players' pictures here.
To see pics of the players, you'll have to visit each their pages!!!
To do that, start by touch here.

Joanna Singing The National Anthem!!

More Pictures Of The Coaches!

The 18R team!


The Websites That I Found That Were Useful:
The Columbus Convention Center website is here.
For more info, the website is here.
Hotel website is here!
To see a wonderful map of Columbus, touch here!  I'd print it!
To see the locations to park, touch here and scroll down.
The Ohio Valley Region sponsors Early Bird.  Here's their info page.


Saturday:  Two 3-team pools. 
We play/work/play at 8am.
Then our 2nd pool starts at 11:30am
So we'll play 4 best 2 of 3 matches on Sat.
Sunday:  A four-team pool, 8am to 2pm, then some teams will play one more "Challenge Match"
Monday Playoffs:  Our playoffs began at 9am.  Since we won, we played again at noon.  If we would have won that, we would have played again at 2pm.

Our playing schedule can be seen here.
The results of the tournament can be seen here.


Hampton Inn downtown
501 North High Street
Columbus OH  43215
 $120/night + tax 
(614)559-2000 or 1-800-HAMPTON.      
Hotel website is here!
Directions are below!


Feb 17th, 3pm to 10pm in the Early Bird Show Office located in Halls C&D in the Columbus Convention Center.  Signs will be posted in the Conv. Center.


Can You Believe This?!

Our hotel is across the street from the Columbus Convention Center!!!!!!!

Thank you, Danielle Crawford!! 
You're the BEST!!


Complete Directions from Roanoke
to Our Hotel

I-81 South to Blacksburg, VA
US- 460 West toward Bluefield, WV
I-77 North to Charleston, WV
I-64 West toward Huntington, WV
Near Nitro WV, take US 35 (West / North?)
at Chillicothe, WV take US 23 North to I-270 (beltway around Columbus). 
Merge onto I-270W towards I-71/Columbus for 2.3 miles.
Merge onto I-71 N via EXIT 55 toward COLUMBUS for 4.6 miles.
Take OH-315 N toward DAYTON for 1.4 miles.
Merge onto I-670 East for 1.3 miles.
Take the US-23 exit, EXIT 4, toward FOURTH ST/THIRD ST/HIGH ST. for 0.1 mile
Take the US-23 N exit, EXIT 4B, toward FOURTH ST. for 0.1 mile
Turn RIGHT onto E GOODALE ST. for 0.2 miles
Turn LEFT onto N HIGH ST.  for 0.1 mile.

I've got maps to pass out to parents!!


The teams that were in our division!!!!!!!!!

Allegro 14'a (New Jersey)
BAVA 15-1  (Kentucky)
BAVA 15-2  (Kentucky)
Downstate 15-1
Indy Jrs 15 Sahsos  (the #5 Seed, and tournament runner ups)
Kaepa Whoosh Justice
NOVA Phoenix  (Northern Va)
PVA 15-1 (Philadelphia)
Pit 3 Riv 15 Blue
Pittsburgh Magic 15's
Premier 15-1  (the #8 Seed, finished tied for 3rd)
R&B Select Klang
Roanoke 15 National  (the #4 Seed, finished tied for 3rd)
SMJ Raptors
Southern Tier Ravens
Time Out Black Ice
VolleyFX Chant 151 (Rochester)
VolleyFX Summon 152 (Rochester) (the #9 Seed)
Wild Blue Attack
Williamsburg Vball Club 15 Black  (the #2 Seed)
Niagara Frontier 15Nat (the #1 Seed and division champs!)
Niagara Frontier 15Red
Niagara Frontier 15Blu

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