Monument City Classic Jan 28-29, 2006
Information Page
The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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Touch here to see the pictures and results!!
here to see the tournament diary and players' memories!!

Information Email

Sent out Sunday morning.  Let me know if you need another copy of it.

Guest Assistant Coach!!!
Shannon Haynes.
We're glad that you're coming along with Joanna & me.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD..... allowed in the RCC.  They're serious. 
Coolers are not permitted in the RCC at all.
There are lots of security people, and they'll ask you to take it out.

Our schedule:

11am Sat:  3 team pool.  We play twice, work once.
5pm Sat:  3 team pool.  We play twice, work once.
8am Sun:  Our final 3 team pool.  We play twice, work once.
Single Elimination Playoffs begin around noon. 

Some websites that you may want to visit:
The tournament will be played at the Richmond Convention Center.
The tournament website is here.
The Richmond Convention Center homepage is here.
Directions to the Richmond Convention Center are here.


The hotel was the Hampton Inn-Richmond West 
10800 West Broad Street, Glen Allen, Virginia. 
1-804-747-7777 or 1-800-HAMPTON.      
The hotel website is here!

We played in the 16's Club Division.
Here are the team that particpated!

1 16 Red Williamsburg Volleyball Club FJ6WMSBG2OD 
2 CJV 16-1 Rage Carolina Juniors Volleyball FJ6CARJR1CR 
4 Diamond Jrs. 16's Diamond Juniors Volleyball Club (Richmond) FJ6DIJRS1OD 
6 FJVC 16-1 Fredericksburg Juniors FJ6FRDJR1OD 
7 MVSA Starz 16W Metro Virginia SA VBC FJ6MVSAV3CH 
8 NVVA Fauquier 16 Northern Virginia Volleyball FJ6NVVA_4CH 
9 pulse 16-1 pulse volleyball club FJ6PULSE1CR 
10 Roanoke 15 National Roanoke Juniors FJ5RNKJR1OD 
11 RVC 16R Richmond VBC Juniors FJ6RVCJR3OD 
12 RVC 16Z Richmond VBC Juniors FJ6RVCJR2OD 
13 SC Plex Juniors 16 Blue South Carolina Plex Juniors FJ6SCPLX1PM 
14 SMJ Badgers Southern Md Jr Volleyball FJ6SMJVP1CH 
15 Triangle 16 Blue Triangle Volleyball Club (G'boro) FJ6TRNGL2CR 
16 UVC Crush 16-1 Union Volleyball Club FJ6UNION1CR 
17 VB4Y Fusion 16-1 Volleyball 4 Youth FJ6VB4YE9OD 
18 VC Vipers 16-1 VC Juniors FJ6VCJVB1CR 

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