#8  Jocelyn "Kill"inger
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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Jocelyn signs with Queens College, Charlotte NC!!!!  YOU GO!!!   (Scroll down)
Jocelyn shows Courtney and Sarah how she lifts weights at indoor track practice......yeah, they're impressed! After practice, Courtney shows Jocelyn how much she admires her! Jocelyn shows a wonderul platform!!
New Year's Eve practice was fun!! Cupcakes are better when you eat them with a friend! So you guys think that a handkerchief in my pocket is nasty?  Whatever OK......they expect me to coach these guys?
Aren't you too old to be playing with your food? "Fifteen minutes of jumping & stepping......and I had the tallest box!" Are you guys in every picture together? You two are incredible!
Jocelyn watches the scorer's table at Shamrock and the "Sunglasses Crew" entertains the spectators! "You're really odd, you know that?" When we went to E&H, Jocelyn was one of our refs "I called lines first.  You can do the next game.  Did you see that cute referee?"
Potato salad..............oh my!!! What?  Are you trying to spell something?  To see what she's spelling touch here. "Coach wants me to play to SET?!?!?!"
.......got to do something while you're on the subway in DC.   So we played the fish game. "What is that stuff that's stuck to the bottom of your shoe?  I knew we shouldn't have run outdoors!!"  
  You go Sam!   Thanks!!  


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Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser

School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: Feb 13, 1992
Class: 9
Height: 5'4"
Position: DS
Years playing Jrs: 1
Years playing school ball: 3
Movie: Stick It
Restaurant: Brambleton Deli
Type of Music: All
Occupation: something in the Medical field
School Subject: Math
Store: American Eagle.        Season: All
College: JMU, VT, UNC, UT, Radford.....
Actress: Sandra Bullock.      Website: myspace
Soda: Flavored sparkling water
City: Portland, Oregon
Game to play when you were little: Old Maid
Type of junk food: Chocolate.      Drink: Sweet Tea