#11  Sarah Church
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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No, you did NOT!  You know what the ref will say when she sees that? Hmmmmm......what's inside of this one?  Sarah takes the "Lobster" quiz! 
Blisters, 7am, away from home.....this really tries my patience. OK, you're supposed to be calling lines! Before we began playoffs on Jan 27th, we warmed up, stretched and peppered a little.  Then we won 2 straight matches!!! We work on our floaters every night!  Here is Sarah trying to get her wrist at just the right angle.
On Tuesday Dec 26, we played
"Serving To The Target"
Sarah tells Kendra a secret.
And it must be a good one!
Ice cream cake on Feb 6th.
Got to love these birthday parties!
WE WON WE WON WE WON!!  Elbow tag upstairs at Monument was FUN!!
Stop hiding.......yeah, you two HAVE to work.  Shannon told me where you were.  Sarah started the sunglasses thing......then everyone had to do it.  Who is the owner of those awesome shades anyway?
We have the best work team around!  Our scorekeepers are awesome!! Hmmmmmm ........ where's the sandwich I want? Aren't Goldfish, OK, Coach Houser? 
Sam drew everyone's name while we worked on Sunday.  This is awesome!!
The 30-minute protest at Capitol City really stressed Sarah.  We were really worried.   How cool is this?!?!?!  Valentines Day is AWESOME!!!!


Liz      Emma      Sarah C      Marli      Courtney      Maggie
Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser

School: Hidden Valley Middle
Birthday: May 14, 1993
Class: 8
Height: 5'9"
Position: MB
Years playing Jrs: 2
Years playing school ball: 2

Movie: Any movie that makes me laugh
Restaurant: The Capital Grille
Type of Music: Country
Future Occupation:  No idea
School Subject: Math.      Store : Forever 21
Season: Summer.      College: VT
Website: google
Soda: Dr. Pepper.        City: Atlanta
Game to play when you were little: Hide and Go Seek
Type of junk food: Sour Patch Kids