#5  Liz Brailsford
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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Liz watches as her mom prepares lunch for the team..........   Yeah, we eat a lot at practice.......one night it's cupcakes........     --> ..........then another night it's ice cream cake.  This is a great team to be on! 
.......then everyone gets to eat!
THANK YOU Mrs. Brailsford!!
Wonder what Coach Houser will do with all these new boxes? What is THIS on the glass???.....NASTY!! Sarah and Liz talk about the brand new boxes that Kendra's dad brought us!
8am, Monday morning, this is rough! "Is this really supposed to make me feel better?" Liz and her dad talk strategy before for our final match on Jan 27th. "Match?.....I just throw something on and come to practice!"  "Yeah, that #21 loves to hit the 31, doesn't she?"
Liz is an awesome bookkeeper.  Here are her and Sarah at Monument. Liz and Sam show how to "scare the grandma" even when they're not on the court. Sarah, Sam and Liz do the sunglasses thing at Shamrock!  Even the ref got into it!
At UVa, it seems that we spent half our day "resting".  "I'm having a problem here......I'm supposed to do what with this flag?" "Kendra's gifts for us on Shamrock Saturday are SO COOL!!!" OK, ok, you can calm down now! We're done playing for the day!
  At DC, one of our teammates drew everyone's name on a napkin!   
  The matching Tshirts were incredible!  Guess who's birthday it was!   

Liz      Emma      Sarah C      Marli      Courtney      Maggie
Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser

School: James Madison Middle
Birthday: Dec 9, 1992
Class: 8
Height: 5'9"
Position: Middle Blocker
Years playing Jrs: 1
Years playing school ball: 2
Other sports:

Movie: The Notebook.
Restaurant: Outback
Type of Music: Rap, Country, Pop
Future Occupation: Magazine Editor, Pro Volleyball Beach Circuit
School Subject: Math.    Store: Hollister
Season: Fall.     College: U. Va
Actor: Channing Tatum
Website: Myspace.com
Soda: Dr. Pepper
City: Washington DC
Game to play when little: Hide and Seek
Type of Junk Food: Too many to name