#4  Kendra Meek
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On Dec 26, we did 2 sets of 15 jumping over the boxes! Kendra eats after the grueling ref clinic, trying to recover from the stress of it! Kendra refs a match at Monument! Sam and Kendra enjoy lunch outside in January at the Richmond tournament!
When we have a birthday party with cupcakes, no one expects us to act normal. And guess who made the boxes!  Yep, Kendra's dad, Kent!  Thanks!! Kendra takes the Lobster quiz after Mrs. Brailsfords brought us lunch!  THANKS!!
Ice cream cake on Coach Houser's birthday is GREAT!!  Who's b'day is next? Then we did two sets of 30 jumps on top of the boxes. In Richmond on Jan 27th, Jocelyn, Courtney & Kendra celebrate a big win!
  It's great to have friends who will sit in your lap.......I guess! "You're not going to eat that banana in one bite?     NASTY!!" Only a young person would rest in this position.  This hurts the parents' knees just watching.
Yes, I've got my whistle on.....but I'll give up if someone else would rather do it! Sarah & I warned Kendra, but she hung out some with Jessica Church anyway.  Jeeeeeeeze!   At Shamrock, everyone had to put on sunglasses for a while.......I don't know why!
  Everyone came to practice on Coach Houser's b'day with matching Tshirts!  At UVa we rested, rested and rested, then went 6-2 On Feb 22, we had "D-Day".  Kendra brought the "doll" and ate some of Sarah J's "donuts".
  Kendra passed out a lot of cool stuff during lunch on our first day of Shamrock!  Look here to see everyone!   

Liz      Emma      Sarah C      Marli      Courtney      Maggie
Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser

School: Home School
Birthday: Nov 11, 1992
Class: 9
Height: 5'7"
Position: OH
Years playing Jrs: 2
Years playing school ball: 3

Movie: She's The Man.....I like any movie other then scary ones
Restaurant:  Dynasty Chinese
Music: Christian wrap or rock
Future Occupation: Coach/ PE Teacher (Phys. Ed major)
School Subject: Health.     Store: Hollister
Season: Summer.      Collage: UNC Chapel Hill
Actresses: Gilmore Girls (names unknown)
Soda: Root-Beer.      City: Yampa Colorado
Game to play when I was little: Scrabble
Type of junk food: Cheetos and Swiss rolls