#21  Marli Dabareiner
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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Marli & Courtney after the referee clinic......thank goodness that's over! It's all good when Kendra bring chips and PowerAids after practice!! Grapes, sandwich ........ what have I forgotten?
In Richmond, we ate after our first match, then after playing 2 more, we ate again! Ahhhhh, you really should be writing what's being talked about......you know? We won!!!........And I can finally take off my knee pads!!
Shannon asked, "What are these faces they're making?"  I don't know Marli & Courtney play "Hit-Dig" at practice.   After warming up & stretching at Monument, Marli & Courtney act silly!
Scorekeeping is a serious job.  You must be alert......that's why Courtney's not doing it!  Sam Thomas was on my team 2 years ago, now she comes to practice and loves the team!  Thanks Sam!! These ladies are constant talkers ..... even during elbow tag!  You go Shannon, showing the girls where out-of-bounds is!
The trainer taught Marli some new stretches, so Sarah joins in! Final day at DC. 8am. This is too early to have to warm up & stretch! Oh, yeah, going to eat Italian!!!!  
At the DC tournament, Jocelyn & Courtney pose with Marli.  We were the only top seed to win it's first net! Sam, you're a real artist!  
  Wow!  Sarah & I got some great gifts from my Valentine!  

Liz      Emma      Sarah C      Marli      Courtney      Maggie
Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser

School: North Cross
Birthday: Dec 6, 1991
Class: 9
Height: 5'6"
Position: OH/DS
Years playing Jrs: 1
Years playing school ball: 3
Movie : Pride and Prejudice
Restaurant: any Chinese restaurant
Type of Music: soft music & alternative rock
Future Occupation: lawyer, marine bioligiest
School Subject: math.      Store :any
Season: summer and winter
College: Duke and Clemson
Actor: Richard Gere and Sandra Bulloc
Website: spikenashbar.com
Soda: Diet Coke.       City: NYC
Game to play when you were little: Candyland
Type of junk food: any