#20  Sarah Jessee
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As Sarah makes sure the score is being kept correctly, Courtney distracts her. Marli, Courtney, Jocelyn and Sarah after our referee/scorekeeper clinic
When my camera gets passed around, these are the pretty pictures that are taken!   The building was really cold in Richmond!  Everytime we weren't playing, we wrapped up. "Don't bother me
while I'm eating!!"
We warm up at Richmond before we begin the playoffs on Jan 27th. Yeah, setters are leaders, even when in serious pain! Sarah sets Sarah Church at E&H Sarah warms up passing. We start every practice with peppering......to get everyone pumped!
Jeeeeeze, we thought volleyball was challenging, but it appears that putting on a hoddie is harder. Sarah's mom brought the cake........and Sarah took charge of cutting it.  Watch out!! Coach Houser's sick!!  Hurry and sanitize yourself!! At Monument, Sarah says, "How does this thing work?"
What?  A normal smile?  ALL RIGHT!!! "Coach, that's enough pics!" Can't tell.....does Sarah like her V-day present?  Or not?  
Every player needs an huggable assistant coach! We're going to eat WHERE?!?!?!?!
And Kendra has WHAT for us!?!?!?!?! 
  Sam Ringer.......you are the artist!   
  "I'm glad that I'm not as silly as Jocelyn and Marli.  By the way, don't you guys love my new nail polish?"  

Liz      Emma      Sarah C      Marli      Courtney      Maggie
Sarah J      Jocelyn      Kendra      Samantha      Coach Houser

School: North Cross
Birthday: May 27, 1992
Class: 9
Height: 5'5"
Position: S/RS
Years playing Jrs: 1
Years playing school ball: 3

Movie: walk the line & dazed and confused
Restaurant: macados
Music: all, especially bob dylan
Future Occupation: something fun
Subject:  art.      Store:  la de da
Season: summer.   Food:  gum
College:  college of charleston or anywhere in SC
Actor:  rachel bilson
Website: ones where i can shop
Ciy: charleston, south carolina
Game To Play When You Were Little: dress up.
 Drink:  sweet tea