Emily Quesinberry
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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Emily & Lauren go through a brutal digging drill at practice on Dec 18th. Some people don't like to get their pictures taken.  But that won't stop my photographers......they're tireless!  haha Emily has a snappy spinner!  And she's working on a jump floater as well!
I had a Cmas present, I know I did.  Someone hid it.  Was it her? Coach Houser, Lauren, Emily and Jordan study the opposing offense to see what type of blocking scheme is the best. Emily gets up to hit vs.
the simulated double block!
Emily serves her spinner at Capitol Hill! At the Monument City Tournament, Emily, Sam and Aidan react to another Roan Juniors stuff block! Silver medalists at Big South, even though we didn't actually get medals!  #17 of 132 teams!!!
At practice on Feb 3rd, the MB's warmed up running slides. Emily & Sam at Monument.   Thank you Mrs. Washburn for taking so many pictures! Emily & Macey play at the ESPN Zone in D.C.!
Having a lap to lay in at a tournament is pretty cool!  And that lap belonged to this person! Emily (#15) and Lauren and Macey (#1) lobster the opponents at our Brookville 17's tournament.  We lost in the finals to Coastal 17N, who won the ODR 17's bid. Emily & Jordan talk over blocking schemes at Big South.
  What, your water break not long enough?  Sorry!  
Knowing where the setter is and where the setter is going is top priority!  
  The COD gave out sunglasses on the first day of Big South.....
and everyone had to try them on! 

Aidan      Emily     Erin      Jordan      Kimberly      Lauren      Liz      Macey      Morgan       Sam      Sarah     Shannon     Coach Houser


School: Christiansburg High
Birthday: December 29
Class: 2011
Height: 5'10''
Position: MB/OH
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Movie:  The Notebook
Song: Don't Stop Believing By Journey
Color:  Green
Number:  15
Class: Math/Biology
Biology: Mashed Potatoes
TV show: Greek
Store: Hollister
Restaurant: El Gran Rodeo
Vacation spot: Any Beach :)
Season: Summer
College team: UCONN
Holiday: Christmas
Singer: Colbie Caliett
Band: Gym Class Hero's