Sarah Church
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Morgan (left), Sarah, Liz and Shannon (front) get to court 36 early for the Silver Division playoffs at Monument! Good job passing at practice!  But Sarah's specialty is hitting the ball! Sarah has a wicked floater!  She reaches high! Sara's floater changes games.  Here she gives an opponent one at BigSouth.
Sarah hits Sam's 51 at Monument Shannon, Macey & Sarah are a team in this drill.  They were digging balls hit at them from a teammate. Christmas presents will just have to wait!
Maybe Ethan thought you were talking to him! 
Coach Houser said, "I'm sorry.  If I need you to play outside, you'll play outside.  That little munchin behind you doesn't scare me either." Emily, Sarah & Macey watch Liz serve!  We were just happy Liz could be with us in any capacity!
Mrs. Washburn took hundreds of pics for us this season!  She got some great closeup!  Here's Sarah and Macey! Sarah's floater at Capitol Hill was good, but at RVC West, it was brutal! Before every match, Sarah is at the coin toss with our COD.  At the Brookville tournament, the COD was Erin.
"BACK ROW SETTER!  THREE HITTERS!  Maybe this time the referee will catch their illegal attack." "Ok, remember what happened the last time we ran that play?  You really want to try it again?" At Big South, we wore out pink jerseys for the first time to show support for the Dig Pink activity.
  Sarah & Macey, best friends, play games at the ESPN Zone during our trip to Washington DC.  
    OK, Erin, next time you're COD, let's give out something a little less dangerous, OK?  

Aidan      Emily     Erin      Jordan      Kimberly      Lauren      Liz      Macey      Morgan       Sam      Sarah     Shannon     Coach Houser


School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: May 14
Class: 2011
Height: 5'9''
Position: MB/OH
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Movie: A Walk To Remember
Song: Dancin' in the Moonlight
Color: Yellow
Number: 10
Class: Math
Food: Chocolate ice cream with oreos
TV show: Gilmore Girls
Store: Buckle
Vacation Spot: Myrtle Beach
 Season: Fall
College team: Virginia  Tech
Holiday: Christmas
Singer: John Mayer
Animal: Beluga Whale