Lauren Sledd
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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We work on short, bombs and jumpers at practice! It takes a while to get everything just right.....especially when MacK is taking pictures! We played a lot of 6's at PH HS on Dec 18th.  Here Morgan, Lauren, and Lauren Sledd play back row.
OK, there has to be a way of getting Lauren by her ball phobia. At some practices, we pass, dig, pass & dig some more.  Coach Shannon watches as Lauren gets another ball up! We hit and hit vs. a double block.  Lauren worked on both her line and her cross shot.
Liz (standing), Jordan (in back), Emily (middle) and Lauren laugh at ... at ... well look on Kim's page! How cool was it to be in DC on Valentine's Day.  And Lauren's secret valentine didn't forget her!   Lauren served at Monument!  GREAT JOB GIRLS!! Macey & Lauren share something funny between rallies at Monument.
"You asked for a football, I brought a football.  Are you laughing?" "I'm the first one back from a water break?  So I get my choice?  Hmmmmmm" Nope, not going to roll or pancake
if I don't have to!
Aidan & Lauren hang out at the ESPN Zone on Feb 14th. Our team spends a lot of time warming up and stretching to prevent injuries.  Here's Lauren & Sam. After our first match at the Bid, and we beat Williamsburg 2-0, Jordan and Lauren relax.
  We played 2 matches on Saturday on Court 4 at Boo Williams.  Here you see Lauren (#7) and Kimberly on Saturday watching Sam pass another ball! Lauren and Aidan played together on the Roanoke 15s Open team of 2008, and again this season!  Awesome!!

Aidan      Emily     Erin      Jordan      Kimberly      Lauren      Liz      Macey      Morgan       Sam      Sarah     Shannon     Coach Houser


School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: November 4
Class:  2012
Height:   5/7"
Position:  OH/L/DS
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food: Mashed Potatoes
Color: Blue
Movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Class: English
Store: American Eagle
Vacation Spot: Australia
Number: 7
Season: Spring
Animal: Polar Bear
TV Show: The Office
Holiday: Christmas
Singer: Beyonce
Band: Aiden  and Octapi