Sam Washburn
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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"Drinks one night, cookies another night, cupcakes another night ....... now Secret Santas.  These teammates of mine are pretty awesome!" We warm up our arms, before we step back and let 'em rip! Sam is always early to practice.  So she's never in a hurry getting ready. Sam, Erin & Jordan wait at ESPN Zone for our room to be ready!
Sam is a wonderful digger!
Here she demonstrates "early & still". 
Sam, Erin & Emily work at Monument. Odd.  Sam is working, yet Roanoke is behind her playing.  huh!
Morgan, Sam and Sarah are the three serve receivers.  Sam's got the seam! Lobster?  PSCAB?
What is all this stuff?
 Morgan(6) and Macey (1) help as Sam shows off her passing skills at Monument. "OH YEAH, this is my favorite drill!"

This past fall, the Washburn celebrated Senior night at Ferrum College with the other daughter, Jessica.  Also in the picture is #9, Jessica's teammate, Lynette Fatovic.  The entire story about senior night is on the Ferrum College website here.


"OH MY GOSH, I can't believe what Jordan got for me for Valentine's Day!"  


Is the setter going to dump?  Sam has it covered!

At Big South on the 2nd day, Sam and Macey prepare to return a serve.  When we played 17's at Brookville, Sam served GREAT! At Big South, Sam and Kimberly wait for a teammate to serve.

Even when there is a camera clear across the court, Sam & Macey know when it's pointed at them!


We caught Sam when she wasn't expecting it. 
COOL HAIR!!!   The glasses.....don't know about them.
Sam's new game is called "Throw the ball and make it stick to the shoes."  She seems pretty good at it!  

Aidan      Emily     Erin      Jordan      Kimberly      Lauren      Liz      Macey      Morgan       Sam      Sarah     Shannon     Coach Houser


School: Franklin County High
Birthday: April 9th
Class: 2011
Height: 5'5''
Position: MB
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food: Green Beans
Color: Light Blue
Movie: The Notebook
Song: Love Story
Subject In School: Math
Store: Old Navy
Vacation Spot: Myrtle Beach
Number: 18
Season: Fall
TV Show: Jon And Kate Plus Eight
Restaurant: Wood Grill
College Team: UNC
Holiday: Christmas
Singer: Taylor Swift