Erin McIntyre
Last updated:  12/19/2012 10:45 AM

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We practice occasionally at PH HS.  Erin digs a ball in a touch drill! Erin & Liz had great passing nights at practice on Dec 7th! Capitol Hill was awesome!  We won our first 14 games!
"Yeah, this is a nice hat.  But I'd rather have the one Jordan has!" Same gym, different night, another passing drill!
I'm sorry you have to work lines and Kimberly doesn't.  That's Coach Shannon's decision.  It'll be OK!
After Erin's ankle mishap, she didn't miss one minute!! Sam, Macey, Emily, Erin & Lauren
at the scoretable at Monument.
Someone loves Erin a whole lot.  To find out who, touch here!
Erin calls lines at Capitol Hill The team did a tough serving drill on Dec 23rd.  Erin spend 1/3 of the drill setting! We serve jumpers, bombs and addition to everything else! Erin helps Jordan hang from a ring at the ESPN Zone!
We went to Brookville on Feb 7th, because we had to cancel the trip to MAPL the week before.  At the Brookville 17's tournament, Erin waits for the serve before she bolts to target. Yep, there's nothing lap finding a lap to lay your head in.  Thanks Erin! Erin's jump serve was effective at Big South, where she served the final two points of the tournament!
  A great 2nd pool at Big South!  We were 5-1, and had a challenge match at 8pm to see if we go to Gold or Silver on Sunday!!  

Aidan      Emily     Erin      Jordan      Kimberly      Lauren      Liz      Macey      Morgan       Sam      Sarah     Shannon     Coach Houser


School: Jefferson Forest High
Birthday: July 26
Class: 2011
Height: 5'9''
Position: S
Years playing Jrs:
Years playing school ball:
Food: Cordon Bleu Chickenball
Color: Blue
Movie: Garden State
Song: Bright Eyes
Subject In School: Spanish
Vacation Spot: Oak Island
Number: 4
Season: Summer
Restaurant: Osakas
College Team: Clemson
Holiday: Christmas
Singer: David Bowie
Band: The Killers
TV Show: The Office