#11 Jessica
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First Team All-River Ridge District 2007
CONGRATULATIONS for being named 2007 Honorable Mention All-State!!
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Jessica sat out for so many practices with a broken finger.  Now she tapes it up and is ready to go!

After we won the Bid Tournament, we just had to take some unique pictures!  And we'll remember these forever!   Here's Jessica with her buddy Eva.

No contacts at 9:30 am at a referee clinic? Jeeeeze!  But after over 2 hours, it was over!  Then we had pizza, and talked a while! 

And one more thing to do before practice...........check the text messages!

The first game at Monument finals vs. Charlotte didn't go too well.  But in the 2nd game, we shot out to a 14-10 lead!!  This team doesn't stop!!

For some reason, everyone started telling dog stories.  Here's Jessica & Eva listening to Lindsey's story.

 We do a lot of serving at practice!  And it paid off with 19 aces on Jan 15th. Jessica was an R1 when we scrimmaged the other Roan Jrs teams! Jessica & Eva start working on their Tshirst.......

 .......and here she is again, after a little work and a lot of talking!  Yeah, pizza is on the way!!

At Early Bird, Jessica served GREAT!!

"Joanna, then the ref said we couldn't wear our sparkly hand bands........so we have to  make new ones.....Joanna, are you listening to me?"

Jessica goes up for a spike at Columbus OH.   Thanks to Lauren Bosche's dad for the pics! Good hustle Meredith!!


Jessica blasts a ball vs. the 16R.  She was red hot, pounding 4 kills in the 2nd game.  The 16R MB is Gina, who was on Jessica's J.O. team last year!

For the 2nd year in a row, Jessica & Eva are playing on the team I'm coaching!  You can see our last year's pics here

At Shamrock, we lost to our 16N friends, then we had to work one final match.  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

"What?  Why are you looking at me like that?  This is really good!  Really!"

So we took a picture of it.  You decide.  Would YOU eat this?  What IS it anyway?

The team went out to eat at Ryans and we took lots of pics......and sung Happy Birthday!!

After Shamrock was over, Jessica said, "We played so well this weekend.  We're going to do great in Atlanta and at the Bid Tournament.  We're good!"

"Oh, Coach, you wanted some?  There were only 8 left......they're all in my mouth now!"
"L" is for Laura!
Lunges, lunges, lunges.
I've never done enough lunges!

Cool shortcut out of the Georgia World Congress Center!  Thanks Mr. MacKenzie!

A bad day?  Who's having a bad day?  Do I look like I'm having a bad day?  It's those lunges!!

What is this on my sandwich?
Who put this on my sandwich?
Where is Joanna?
The Atlanta Aquarium with MacKenzie
This was so so cool!

On Sunday at Big South, after we lost our first match, we then had to play a challenge match!  Jeeeeeeze.  So we had a long lunch break.

"A vision.....I'm having a vision......I see.....
Sometime the players get to meet some hunky referees.  ....YES, I see us winning the Bid this weekend!! Jessica calling lines at Monument.  We were 16-3 and finished 2nd in the 16's Club division.

After the ball control drills of March 1st, Jessica & MacKenzie take a moment to pose for pics!

During practice the players were shown ways to adjust their serve.  Here Jessica watches the "no footwork" demo.

When we met at IHOP for breakfast, some of the girls just couldn't make up their minds what to get!  Hey, remember the guy sitting behind you with the ring?

It was Baby Picture Day.........and Jessica knew who everyone was!  How do you think people knew YOUR picture?


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Laura Jones             Joanna McGrath             Coach Houser


School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: October 26, 1990
Class 2009
Height: 5'6"
Position: Libero/DS/OH
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights:  Eva's House
Sundae Topping: Chocolate Fudge
Movie:  Good Will Hunting
TV Show:  Grey's Anatomy
Actress:  Julia Roberts
Snack while watching a movie:  Snow Caps
Elementary school memory:  Football w/the Boys
Pizza Topping: Cheese
Halloween Costume:  Pageant Queen
Ice Cream Flavor:  Chunky Monkey
Vacation Spot:  Sarasota Spring, NY
Color:  Green