#14 Lindsey Campbell
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Congrats Lindsey for being named to the u15's Old Dominion Region All-Tournament Team in 2005!!
As a junior at Franklin County in the fall of 2007, Lindsey was named first team All-District and Franklin County team MVP!! 
"The More We Sacrificed For Our Team, The More We Were Rewarded By Our Team!"

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Thank you Mrs. Hodges for bringing the pizza!  Now let's watch some video!  After we won the Bid Tournament, we decided to take some cool pictures!!  Here we are gathering in the lobby before the pics begin! We played vball, we're all together, pizza's coming, getting ready to make Tshirts, scary movie......can it get any better?
Lindsey tells a dog story during a water break.  After several people told stories, someone said, "Can we play volleyball now?" Lindsey does the umpiring at North Cross. We prepare at Shamrock to play the #3 seed!  Let's go!! When we played "Serve To Target," Lindsey had fun encouraging her teammates to serve to her.
Now that she's off the box, Lindsey concentrates on serving to location. If someone would have asked why I had to take Lindsey out of the game.......isn't it obvious?  We do about 15 minutes of extra conditioning nearly every night. 
Coach Houser says think ahead......OK, when do we eat next.......my phone needs charging.......next time we'll do Elf." "I'm eating.  No, I'm busy now.  OK, Tori, I'm go exploring in a moment." Changed my mind.....I don't want to go exploring.......just want to lay here and relax! 
After Eva told Coach the joke, and he passed, Lindsey & MacK want a souvenir picture.
At Early Bird, we had a incredible matches!  Who will ever forget the "we're screened!!!!" match vs. W'burg? Lindsey's become a weapon as a hitter! Here she is going up and snapping her wrist! This is SO MUCH cool stuff!  Thank you!!  V-day on our team is so much fun!
Went shopping at WalMart.  At first Lindsey's sad b/c no one is thrilled about her hat.  But she got over it quickly!
Are you OK?  Did you eat too many fries?
Did you eat some of Jessica's food?  To see what we're talking about, touch here.
  We don't play patti-cake with the great teams.  WE GO FOR IT!! Here Lindsey serves her jump floater!
Eva & Lindsey are our setters!  They also serve, serve receive and have great smiles! Saturday morning.......our first day of spring break......and Laura, Emily and Lindsey run 1.5 miles after practicing!  That's what we do! After going 8-0 in Staunton, we ate at Ryans.......and we passed around the camera!
The 5-team net at Stuart Hall gave us lots of time off!  The snow was cool!  LAURA JONES!!  Thank you for the goody bags after we won the Bid!  You're awesome! Is she a back row setter?  Maybe.  No she's not.  I think she is.  Let's ask Shannon.  She'll know!
Eva, Jessica, MacKenzie and Lindsey pose under some rocks at the Atlanta Aquarium. Lindsey watches an Atlanta Boom player serve.
They tried so so hard!!
Lindsey and her dad stand in amazement at some of the fish we saw!
Now what did you say those were?  Chicken something?  We're a great work team......when we're working!  During timeouts, we don't act normal. "Now if we all stay serious and intense, we'll do well in our next match!  RIGHT?"
On Baby Picture Day, we all had to guess whose picture was whose.  Lindsey got a 100%!  Here's Lindsey holding hers! You would think Emily would be the one in pain.  What's making Lindsey make that face? "Shannon, I can't believe you're taking a picture of us crunching."
  Here are Eva and Lindsey at the Hotel Roanoke!  We took pictures at about 7 different locations, then hustled to practice!  

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School: Franklin County High
Birthday: October 3, 1990
Class 2009
Height: 5'6"
Position:  Opposite/Setter

Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights: Wherever the party is.
Sundae Topping: Caramel
Movie:  The Wedding Planner
TV Show:  Laguna Beach
Actor:  Adam Sandler
Snack while watching a movie:  Buncha-Crunch
Elementary school memory: Kickball
Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
Halloween Costume:  A Sack Of Potatoes
Ice Cream Flavor:  Vanilla
Vacation Spot:  Beaches