#2 Tori Hodges
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Tori's mom brought us the pizza, and we dug in!  Then we watched some video! The afternoon we spent at the Hotel Roanoke was pretty cool!  There are more pictures here! After the North Cross scrimmage, the team made Tshirts!  Then pizza, then scary movies until 4am.....this team is fun!! Tori and Mackenzie are our pro scorekeepers.  They work together to make sure it's done right at the Jan 15th scrimmage
Before we begin learning something new, Tori gets the handout. Tori keeps score at Monument.....we have a great work team!! "Yep, I'm ready for this match to start.  When do we play again?" Another day at Big South is over.  We've done GREAT so far......5-1 is awesome!!
There's always something to eat during our Saturday morning practices!! Tori, your teammate is supposed to be stretching you.....what's going on? "Sure I can do a one-handed pushup!" As you can see, we have a lot of different ways of conditioning!  Here Tori leep-frogs Laura and Piper.
Tori & Joanna share some music at Monument on Jan 28-29.
Seems we have a lot of pics of Tori keeping the scorebook!  Here she's the scorekeeper at Early Bird in OH. During a timeout, MacKenzie & Tori eat some of the fruit
that a parent bought for the team!
Tori soars to hit at Early Bird!  We won our first 8 matches, then lost 22-25, 24-26 in the semi's.  GREAT TOURNAMENT!!!
"Ahhhhhh......this stuff is SO awesome!!' At Monument, we were called over the P.A. system to get to our court! Embarrassing! I can't wait!
I can't WAIT!!!
I love eating b'fast with my team at IHOP!
"Coach Houser, how many more pushups?"
"You guys want to buy what?
Why not ribbons?  Let's do ribbons!!"
At Shamrock, our master scorekeeper, Tori, gives Piper a few hints! Before we played IC Stars at the Salem Civic Center, Tori & the team chat about how we're going to beat them!
After practice on Saturday April 15th, we ran about 1.5 miles around the North Cross track!  GOOD JOB LADIES!!! We walked, sat, then bought very little at WalMart!  Here's Emily, Tori & Piper waiting for the other players to decide on what to buy. We found out we were going to Stuart Hall the night before. Here's special moment with Lindsey.......hey, Meredith!!  You're so silly!
We played well.  Now let's go out and do even better! All this waiting is just too stressful! "Eva, I think I see your problem.  You have that 8 girls are supposed to be on the court."
MacK, Emily and I had a great time at the Atlanta Aquarium!!!..............
They had tunnels for Emily, Jo and I to hide in!....... ...........and Laura imitated the fish!  "We won our first two matches at Regionals.  But we'll have a hard time winning the next one."
Meeting at IHOP on a Saturday morning was fun!  Want to see what Tori ate?   Look below!  YUUUMMMMM! Box jumps are challenging to players' hair dos!  

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School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: June 28, 1991
Class 2009
Height: 5'7"
Position: OH
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights:  Someone else's house
Sundae Topping:  Cherry
Movie:  The Mask
TV Show:  Gilmore Girls
Actress:  Jim Carey
Snack while watching a movie: Twizzlets
Elementary school memory:  5th Grade Graduation
Pizza Topping:  Pepperoni
Halloween Costume:  Princess
Ice Cream Flavor:  Peach
Vacation Spot:  Beach
Color:  Pink