#5 Piper Hagen
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After the voluntary on Dec 24th, Piper tries out her dad's bike.  Too bad everyone else had already left!  They missed it! We met at the Hotel Roanoke and took TONS of pictures!  Thank you parents for sending so many! Piper keeps score at the Jan 15th scrimmage at North Cross!  Our work team got lots of compliments!
Whoa!  Laura brings BlowPops & Tori's mom brings pizza!  This is just TOO good! We do a lot of stretching.  Here we are after practice......Meredith, are you OK?  Yum!!  Cupcakes at the end of practice are fantastic!!  Thanks!!  When is the next birthday party? Emily's mom got our team T's for us......they're awesome!!
More conditioning?  Yep!  This was Joanna's idea........legs at 45 degrees while pumping your arms up and down! 
On Sunday morning at Monument, we're warmed up waiting for our 8am pool to start. So Piper and Coach Houser talk about shoulder soreness. Who's got the blue?  Meredith has it, so be patient.  She's going to be a while! OK, got it.  Now to finish up "Is It N You?"
When everyone finally got our table at the Cheese Cake Factory,  had a GREAT time!  (Next time, let's eat less bread, and more meal!!) Piper is a very quick player.  She even bounces a ball so fast that the camera can't catch it......... .......or is it the ball?  Maybe it's something about just playing at Monument.  How do you do this?
Piper looks at her bag of goodies on our V-day celebration. At Regionals, Laura Jones fakes passing out!  Piper knows is a game! You guys are going to have to slow down so I can get a some pictures! Now I know where Piper gets her quickness from!  Jeeeeze, the parents give the kids money to buy something cool as a team.....and look at what they buy! 
Piper warms up the players before Saturday's two big matches at the Salem Civic Center.  Now, we're ready to stretch and play!!! And this is where we stretched........wow, the banquet room in the Salem Civic Center where the Catillion will be that night.  Are we going to get in trouble AGAIN? While working at NMS, Coach Houser plays around.  Well, he did get a little ticked earlier when an opponent used some interesting language! 
We weren't expecting Piper at the Stuart Hall Tournament, but she got there, and Anne & Hugh came along!  She's incredible!! Just when we think we've seen all of MacK's skills, we discover that she can spit fruit in the air and catch it!  Piper's the only 8th grader on our team, but everyone loves her!  Here she and Laura are overjoyed at having matching carryout glasses!
"No, I really don't like crunches, but I do like Shannon taking pictures.  Hey, where's Ethan?"
Meredith, Emily & Piper are working work a match at Big South.  We were only 1 point away from making the Gold Medal playoffs. Here's Piper and Emily at the Hotel Roanoke What the heck are you doing?  Don't you know NOT to do what MacKenzie does! 
We all ate lunch together on Sunday at Big South, overlooking the dozens of courts in B building.   Eva, you're so silly! We won the Bid!  We won the Bid!!  Wow, those final 2 matches were TIGHT! At Regionals on May 7th, the weather was so good, that we went outside for lunch. 
Jessica, our speaking captain, and Piper, our C.O.D for the final day of Big South, listens to the referee's instructions. We had to wait over an hour at Regionals for the first round of playoffs to begin.  So Emily & Piper just sat around and talked.
After every practice we do some conditioning.  Here's Piper leading the way in box jumps! On May 28th, we had a baby picture contest.  Wonder how everyone knew which picture was Piper's? On June 3rd, we went to IHOP for breakfast........whoa that looks GOOD!!

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School: Cave Spring Middle
Birthday: October 18, 1991
Class 2010
Height: 5'7"
Position: OH/MB
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  2
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights: Movies
Sundae Topping: Chocolate syrup w/ sprinkles
Movie: Harry Potter 3
TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Snack while watching a movie: Popcorn
Elementary school memory: Swimming during gym class at the CAC
Pizza Topping: Cheese!!
Halloween Costume: Dead bridesmaid
Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Vacation Spot: Beach