#4 Emily White
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Emily appreciates a lollipop that Laura Jones gave the team!  It's for good luck at the E&H scrimmage! Emily, Laura and Meredith took a lot of wonderful pics at the Hotel Roanoke! But, when you're State Champions, you get this special treatment! Emily works on her floater during practice on December 14th.
At practice Sat morning, Dec 14th, Emily watches some serving demo's. We're ready for our first round playoff game vs. Triangle 15 Keapa at Big South.   We're going to do GREAT!!! We take a break from practice to talk about our pets......and Emily has a story!
On Wed Jan 4th, we learned new serve receive formations.  Here we are walking through them. The parents used the Kroger Cards for 4 months saving money for us............now we get to visit the Atlanta Aquarium!!  COOL!!!!! "Ahhhh, hey, Emily, quit looking at the camera .........ouch, STOP!!"
MacKenzie started it on Saturday at Early Bird......then by Monday, the entire team was doing it. Everywhere we go, we have the best work team.....even at Early Bird on Ohio! When someone knows what Emily's doing, Let me know and I'll make a new caption. Don't they clean up nice!  Emily & Laura wait for our team's table at the Cheese Cake Factory.
We went to WalMart on Shamrock Saturday looking for something for our team......hmmmmm we can't decide! OK, who did something to my sandwich.  You know that I don't like that! OK, it was Joanna, and if she'll let me listen to her music, it's all good! Emily warms up at Early Bird.  Some matches we'd have 10 minutes, others only 6!
50-50-50 at practice on Wednesday April 23rd Before our 2nd pool on Shamrock Saturday, we all went to Ruby Tuesdays!! Emily & Piper do the scorekeeping for the final match of Shamrock. .......then Emily and Lindsey work the final match at Stuart Hall.

"All the fish in the aquarium was so cool!  Mom, look what I've learned to do today!"

At our last practice before Big South, the parents bring ice cream pops.  YUM!!!

And then before we go to the Bid tournament, it's Happy Easter buckets!! You parents are all right!!!!!

There are so many defense & blocking drills!!  Here Emily concentrates on a ball that a coach is getting ready to hit.

On Saturday, March 25, we ended up at Stuart Hall in a 16's tournament.  Emily played great!

We're done, we're working our final match.......and it's Dip & Dots time!!

After each day at Big South, a parent gave us Goodie Bags!  YUM!!!!

How many times have we told you not to bring SuperGlue to practice.  See?

On Baby Picture Day, everyone knew whose picture was whose.. They somehow knew which picture was Coach's! 

Hey Mom!   Do you have any more fruit?  You gave it all to Coach Houser????

After practice on May 4th, Emily & Richard take a ride home in the family convertible

Why is this guy smiling?  He's with his State Championship team taking pictures!!

We condition a lot!  Here Emily goes through our jump training.

On June 3rd, the team met at IHOP.  "This looks so good......

.......but let's take a picture of it first!"  Then we went to CS Baptist for one hour of practice.

While we're waiting for our first match to start at Monument, everyone chats.

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School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: February 6th, 1991
Class: 2009
Height: 5'10"
Position:  MB
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  1
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights: A Friend's House
Sundae Topping: Chocolate Syrup
Movie:  Cold Mountain
TV Show:  The OC
Actress:  Mischa Barton
Snack while watching a movie:  Mike and Ikes
Elementary school memory:  Fourth Grade in Mrs. Donovan's class
Pizza Topping: none
Halloween Costume:  Regina George
Ice Cream Flavor:  Vanilla w/Brownies
Vacation Spot:  Kiawah
Color:  Yellow