#21 Eva Delaney
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First Team All-River Ridge District 2007
CONGRATULATIONS for being named 2007 2nd team All-State!!  That's awesome!
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Coach Houser needs to plan practice better!  Laura & Eva  obviously have too much free time! Eva, in the red dress, chats with her teammates before picture day.......and wow did we take some GREAT pictures! Everyone does the box jumps!  And Eva has no problem with them!
Before our first match at Monument, Eva smiles at the camera. At the North Cross scrimmage, Eva was umpire for a match. OK, students I show you a green tongue.  It's a nasty green tongue.  It belongs to Eva Delaney! It takes a great attitude to smile while we review for a quiz!  Who has the wrapped up finger beside her?  It's this girl!
All the players come into the gym early so practice can start on time! Eva pounds a ball at Shamrock!  We'll always remember that hit vs. the 16N team!  WHOA! At the end of our January 14th practice, Eva waits for Joanna to make her sleep-over announcement!
Eva just loves to help officiate matches!  Isn't that right?  Right? Joanna had us over to make Tshirts on January 15th.  Everyone came and had a great time! "I only told him that I have conflict with all our other tournaments.  Should I tell him I was joking?"
While we're waiting for our food, Eva makes words with her fingers. Eva smiles when she makes a call!  That's a great linesperson!!  Eva's turned into one of our go-to hitters on our team!  Here she is vs. Allegro 14's at Early Bird Shew.  It's time for a break at Early Bird  And, coach, are you SURE we can't change jerseys the entire tournament?!?!?!?!?
It's so cool to eat out with the team!  Here's Eva on Shamrock Saturday at Ruby Tuesdays What are you doing?  Stop.  Stop that! I've already tried and the pens won't write on it.  :(    haha Piper took us our for a run, then we stretched in the ball room!  Let's enjoy this until we get in trouble.......again! 
Gosh, Coach Houser is giving another speech, and Eva is fooling around.  Well, look below to see two others on our team who can do it too! Eva serves another nasty floater to IC Stars.  We won the first game vs. the #8 seed, but lost the next two!   SO CLOSE!! We played GREAT!! Who's wearing these pants? 
YOU'RE RIGHT!!  It's Eva!
"What is wrong with you two?  I said #2 for #8.  What are you two guys DOING?" Before we watch video, we eat pizza!  All right!! Ice cream pops and Rice Krispie Treats!  Who's mom brought this awesome stuff!!!
We went to the Atlanta Aquarium.  This is just too cool............ We were allowed to touch some fish.  Lindsey follows the two-finger rule................ .....and after a few hours, we leave together.  It's court 78 tomorrow at 7:15am.   We had a great first day at Big South, going 3-0.
At Regionals on May 7th, the weather was better than what Eva was trying to eat. Shannon, why are you taking pictures when we're conditioning? I think we've worked more this year than we've PLAYED!! 
You don't understand...............I'm hungry, I'm really really hungry.........and if I don't get my food...............
Lindsey & Eva pose along a rail at the Hotel Roanoke!  We had an hour to take the pics, then we had to rush to the CAC for practice! On Dec 21, we all celebrated Eva's 15th birthday!  Thanks for the cupcakes and MacKenzie for the card!
..............OK, I feel better now!  Baby Picture Day was fun!  So many blondes on the team, how can anyone determine who is who? "Meredith, what IS that?" 
"Ahhhhh, nothing.  Really.  Nothing."

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Laura Jones             Joanna McGrath             Coach Houser
School: Hidden Valley High
Birthday: 12/21/90
Class 2009
Height: 5'5"
Position: Libero/DS/Setter
Years playing Jrs:  1
Years playing school ball:  3
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights: Someone's House
Sundae Topping: Marshmallows
Movie:  Remember The Titans
TV Show:  Laguna Beach
Actress:  Rachel McAdams
Snack while watching a movie:  Snow Caps
Elementary school memory:  Kickball!!!!
Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
Halloween Costume:  Kitchen Appliances
Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookie Dough
Vacation Spot:  Beach
Color:  Pink