#3 Meredith Walker
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We do a lot of box jumps!  Sometimes over, sometimes on, sometimes just touching. After we won the Bid Tournament, we met at the Hotel Roanoke for some pictures!  At Monument, we watched a little of the Triangle 16's match b/c we knew they were going to be our first round playoff opponent!. 
On Wednesday Jan 4th, we learned our serve receptions for the E&H scrimmage. Meredith soars for the ball! Meredith hits a 32 vs. the 16R while Jessica covers.
"Hey, was that in or out?  I don't know.
Joanna distracted me!"
So Meredith tries to get Joanna back.......ahhhh, not working, huh.........   ..........nope, not working at all.  Maybe Meredith should pick on someone her own age!
Meredith, you talk to Joanna A LOT!  Is that really a good idea? We always do!!
"Don't you see what's written on my hand?  It says, 'NO MORE PICTURES!!' "
Working on Tshirts is FUN!!  Is fabric paint supposed to taste like this? Here's Meredith serving at Early Bird on Feb 19.  We finished 3rd in gold, and had a GREAT weekend!
How do I keep my Valentines present away from MacKenzie?  I think I have a plan! We finished 3rd in Gold at Early Bird.  One reason was our great blocking!  Here Meredith & Lindsey double up on an Allegro 14! When the other team is serving, Meredith watches.......if the ball trickles over the net, it's her play.
Tori & Meredith watch the 18N team play on Saturday afternoon!!  CONGRATS 18N for finishing second in the 18's division!! Meredith and Laura say, "Hey guys, we found the perfect stuff!  It's right here!!" On Sunday at Shamrock, Meredith takes a break and does some homework.
Meredith finds some free time to read a book at the Stuart Hall tournament. "Believe me, the fish really like this.  He does!" "I was sitting in the chair, but now it won't open.  What happened to this chair?" Did Meredith get the wrapper that wouldn't rip!  I hate when I get one of those!
Tori & Meredith!
They're a great team!!!
We out to eat at Ryan's in Staunton! And we had a great time!  Thanks Judy for all that you do for us! Mom, really, there's nothing bad on my computer.  I don't know what Eva was making that face about.  Really!"
We were amazed at the pics Meredith could draw on her cmoputer.  Jessica watches while they both listen to music. The Atlanta Aquarium.  Oh, my goodness!  While on a break at Big South, Meredith fixes her hair.
It's on my elbow.  Now it's on the floor.  Don't know what that thing is! Fish, fish...........big fish!
At Regionals on May 7th, Meredith takes a moment to fix Tori's hair!!
Interesting outfit.
But we love it!  We really do!
"Ahhh, man, I HATE when this happens!" Before practice on May 6, the girls are looking GREAT!! Ahhhh, this man is going to pester me all during breakfast!  Anyone want to trade seats?

On "Baby Picture Day," Meredith tries to figure out who is who
  .......and this pic is Meredith's!  Gosh, you were so cute back then!  

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School: Cave Spring High
Birthday: March 26, 1991
Class 2009
Height: 5'10"
Position: MB
Years playing Jrs:  0
Years playing school ball:  2
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights:  Movies.
Sundae Topping:  Gummie Worms
Movie: Monty Python & The Holy Grail 
TV Show:  Simpsons 
Actress: Angelina Jolie 
Snack while watching a movie: Squirms
Elementary school memory: When I was Picasso in the 3rd grade and had to have 3 arms and was dressed like a polar bear.
Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
Halloween Costume: My Lobster Costume
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 
Vacation Spot: Colorado, to see the Rockies.
Color: Blue & Silver and Deep Deep Red