# 7 Laura Jessee
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Candy canes are good.  Here's Laura at the 12/17 referee clinic.  You're ready to be the R1, right?  Right? At Big South, this big fish just walked up to us, so we took some team pics.  Laura and the fish hit it off immediately! Here's Laura & Coach Houser at the Hotel Roanoke on Picture Day!!  Thanks parents for sharing so many pictures! Most people hate doing crunches. But I guess when assistant coach Laura Jones sets a personalized reindeer candy cane on your stomach, crunches aren't so bad!
Laura serve receives at practice.
Notice the still platform!!
After our first 2 matches at Shamrock, we out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays!  FUN FUN!! Before we played Triangle 16's Blue at Monument, we watched them play a team from South Carolina.
Here's Laura serving at the Early Bird tournament in Columbus OH Wow!!
How far can you reach over the net?!?!?!?! 
All Laura has to do is touch her serve and it's brutal to opponents!  Here she practices it! Laura couldn't talk during our North Cross scrimmage, but she had 9 kills in only 15 swings.
This was an important match between Williamsburg and Rochester NY.  Laura works it while Meredith has her back! Everyone met at Joanna's house one night to make Tshirts!  This was so much fun! We're on court 28 for our first pool at Monument.  Laura tests out her whistle before working at 11am.
Laura's an extremely accurate server.  Here we're playing the #3 seed in Shamrock, and she maintains perfect form! We drew names, then gave our friends gifts on February 16th!  This sure beats conditioning at the end of practice!! At Shamrock, Laura & Lindsey put up a block vs. the Roanoke 16N's Kelsey Largen. 
While we were at Columbus, Laura & Meredith & teammates watch Wedding Crashers.  Laura watching Charlotte's top 16's team serve to us at Monument.  Look who's LJ's biggest fan!!! We finished shopping, now it's to the Salem Civic Center to play the #3 and the #8.  Here's how we did!!!
"OK, coaches rule is to remain in eyesight, but I think don't they'll find us here!!.......... .................they found me!  Lineup check is done.  OK, let's get this match going."  We had to get up pretty early for the match at Stuart Hall!  To see what Jessica put on Laura's back, touch here!
OK, we didn't get the 1st game vs. the 16N, but we'll get the 2nd one!  COME ON!! While we rest on March 25"Coach Houser, how many more pushups?" , it's homework and grapes! It's Tori, Laura and Joanna on "Ice Cream Pop" Night
This was new........scoreboards on both sides of the court.  So we all took turns flipping.  No, no one said "turn around," Now get back to work! Then on April 1st, there's more homework.  But when we miss school to play vball, there's no choice! Now, come on guys!  This #22 is getting impatient. 
As the junior season went on, we got to stay outside more and more!  Here we are on May 7th in Richmond......our third and final trip!! "Yeah, we're here in Atlanta, we went 3-0 and now we're ready to go to the Aquarium!!!!" Laura helps Tori cart off Meredith.  Don't ask me what they were doing.......I just snap the pictures!
Before our breakfast came, we all signed a card for Laura Jones.  June 3rd was her final day of practice. "YUM!!!!  Cupcakes at the end of practice!!  When's our next party?" I really shouldn't pass around my camera, should I?  But that's OK, because my team gave me a NEW ONE!!!! 
  Picture Day was AWESOME!  Everyone looked GREAT!!  Now, let's hurry up and get to the CAC for practice!   

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School: Patrick Henry High
Birthday: December 5, 1990
Class 2009
Height: 5'9"
Position: MB
Years playing Jrs:  2
Years playing school ball:  4
Place To Hang Out On Friday Nights:  Movies
Sundae Topping: Chocolate Syrup
Movie:  Anchor Man
TV Show:  That 70's Show
Actress:  Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz
Snack while watching a movie:  Buncha Crunch
Elementary school memory:  Waking Up Late
Pizza Topping:  Pepperoni
Halloween Costume:  Barbie
Ice Cream Flavor:  Chocolate BetterBatter
Vacation Spot:  Beach or Europe
Color:  Green